(WKBN) — The Ohio Senate race between Democrat Tim Ryan and Republican J.D. Vance ended as the late polls had predicted — with 6 percentage points separating the two candidates.

Vance beat Ryan with 53% to Ryan’s 47%.

Former Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman Dave Betras called Tuesday night’s election “a complete blowout for Democrats.”

Youngstown State University political science professor Paul Sracic said what happened Tuesday has changed the political landscape in Northeast Ohio.

“Tim lost by 7 points. Nan Whaley lost by 27 points. That means there was a lot of crossover voters from DeWine to Tim Ryan,” Betras said. “She was such a drag on him that had another candidate — or had the Ohio Democrats put forth a Democrat that at least been competitive — I don’t know if Tim would have lost that race.”

“[Ryan] was not able to deliver on the working class voters in Northeast Ohio, and I think that sends a message to the Democratic Party that these voters are lost to them. That if they’re going to make gains, they’re going to have to make them in the suburbs, the wealthier suburbs around Columbus, Cincinnati and those areas. They’re not going to do it in Northeast Ohio anymore,” Sracic said.

Betras was also critical of Ohio’s Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown — who’s considered to be Ohio’s most popular Democrat. Betras says Brown supported Nan Whaley in the primary but failed to campaign hard for her after that.

Mike DeWine, meanwhile, supported Vance, which Betras says helped legitimize Vance’s campaign.