Secretary of State stresses importance of voting during primaries

Secretary of State Frank Larose

(WKBN) – Voters hit the polls Tuesday, but the turnout was not as high as in previous years. 

Secretary of State Frank Larose was working all day, urging people to vote.

He said reaching people on social media has played a big role in this year’s election — getting them to cast their ballots.

When fewer people voting, he said the impact of one person can be even larger, making these primary elections just as important.

“In these odd-number years, and primary elections, in particular, people aren’t always thinking about voting. They should be, though,” he said. “There are important contests that are being had for school issues or candidates. These are things that are going to impact the quality of life in our community, that are going to impact the way our children are educated.” 

Larose said his goal in office is to make voter registration easier, more efficient but also more secure in the coming years.

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