(WKBN) – At the age of 73, Bob Hagan has spent 28 years in the Ohio Statehouse both as a representative and a senator. He left in 2006, but now is looking to return.

“There’s a battle brewing at the state level, the federal level as well about corporate Ohio, corporate America taking advantage of working people,” said Hagan.

Hagan is challenging incumbent Republican Michael Rulli for the redrawn 33rd Senate District that will now include Mahoning, Columbiana and Carroll Counties.

Rulli says he’s spent his first term bringing money back to the Valley.

“That was a couple hundred million extra dollars for school construction. And then it pivoted and they work on Greenfield. And it had a high concentration on energy, trying to develop energy, said Senator Rulli.

Despite his relative short time in office, Rulli says he’s running on his record.

“I’d rather do all the hard work to get you to the ribbon cutting than actually be at the ribbon cutting,” said Rulli.

Hagan says of the bills he passed while in Columbus, one stands out.

“I passed a bill that required every single project that has state funding had to have U.S. made steel,” said Hagan.

If he wins next month, Hagan says a priority will be overseeing how money coming to Ohio from sources like the American Rescue Plan are used.

“There’s a difference in how I view my office and how I want to run my office…and open the legislature up to my constituents,” said Hagan.

Rulli says one of his goals is to push the state’s continued recovery from Covid-19.

“With this pandemic, a lot of the workforce is staying at home, so [we] have to figure out a way that we can pull them back into the workforce,” said Rulli.