YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Protesters supporting President Donald Trump gathered outside WKBN’s building Friday morning.

The group of about 50 or so people stood outside, voicing their concerns about this year’s election. They are calling for a do-over.

This comes after President Trump alleged some of the ballots being counted are fraudulent.

“To have votes coming in after the Election Day seems suspicious to me,” said Judie Shortreed of Cortland.

Pennsylvania allowed ballots postmarked by Election Day to be counted if they were received by Friday afternoon.

“I think it’s being done correctly. I think every vote should be counted. I think that voter fraud should be looked into, and I think taking our time and doing that is what is happening,” said Melisa Trickett, of Youngstown.

The president made plenty of claims Thursday night in his speech, saying, they’re trying to rig an election and we can’t let that happen. He also said it will be hopefully cleared up. The demonstrators had another idea.

“These elections have been fraudulent. There are so many examples of thought involved. They shut down the polls. They stopped counting in the middle of the night, and more ballots show up, and 100% of them in different situations are for Biden,” said Trump supporter Greg DeDomenic, of Youngstown.

Biden supporter Nevaeh Ellis, who was standing near the protest, disputed these claims.

“He told his supporters to vote in person, so obviously, the ones that came in the mail would be for Joe Biden if you told all your people to vote in person,” Ellis said.

The group wrote messages on the sidewalk with chalk.

They also held signs with other messages like “Election Sham Do Over,” “Four More Years,” “Stop Fake News” and “DemoRat Thieves.”

Nearby neighbors responded with their own sign, “Black Lives Matter.”

While standing outside, the Trump protesters starting chanting “All Lives Matter” toward the neighbors.

Protect the Results Mahoning Valley talked earlier this week about a demonstration if there was any litigation filed over the election. It backed off and condemns any Stop the Count protest.

“It seems like a misguided set of actions that is only making people more upset and drawing out an incredibly exhausting election process,” said Daphne Carr, spokesperson for Protest the Results Mahoning Valley.

Protect the Results Mahoning Valley called some of the pro-Trump protests “violent” and said they have been organized at the request of the President.

They appear to be part of the larger uptick in violent, anti-democratic action Trump’s followers are taking at the President’s request. President Trump has been publicly tweeting and privately sending text messages to his followers demanding that they rally to stop the vote in order to support him.

Protect the Results Mahoning Valley

Another demonstration is planned, locally. The group that was outside WKBN studios plans to do another Sunday at 1 p.m. They plan to have a human Trump train starting at Eat ‘n Park in Austintown.

Trump protest at WKBN in Youngstown