Editor’s note: This story corrects a previous report that described the property reevaluations’ impact on the levy. We regret the error.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There is a replacement levy on the November ballot to support Mahoning County Children Services.

Directors say a replacement was needed to take current property values into account. Since property values have increased, so will the cost for each taxpayer.

At the same time, directors say costs for the agency — especially for what are called “paid” child placements — have increased significantly.

“Last year alone, we have seen a 100% increase from what we’ve budgeted to what we are paying out in those costs. This year alone, we are going to likely, by year’s end, cross the $7 million mark,” said Rick Tvaroch, with Mahoning County Children Services. “If we continue at this route, without additional support from our community, we will not be able to pay for those placements, which are needed to safely maintain our most needy, challenging children.”

If the new levy is approved, Tvaroch said the increase in costs to an average $100,000 homeowner is about $8 to $9 a year.