Presidential race remains a toss-up in Ohio and PA, according to new poll

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The Baldwin Wallace University Great Lakes Poll also questioned respondents on current issues like Black Lives Matter and the coronavirus

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(WKBN) – Results are in from a new Baldwin Wallace University Great Lakes Poll, showing presidential polling data for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

The poll questioned self-identified registered, likely voters in the four states on a variety of topics that may factor into the November election, including how they’ll cast their vote, Black Lives Matter and the coronavirus pandemic. It was conducted between September 8 and 22.

Joe Biden now has an eight-point lead in Michigan and a nine-point lead in Wisconsin, but the race remains a toss-up in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

President Trump’s favorability ratings are between -7 and -17 points in all four states. Biden’s ratings are -4 points in Ohio, and between +3 and +8 points in the other three states.

Biden is leading among independent voters in all four states. Few voters are undecided at this point.

The poll goes deeper than that, though. It shows between 33% and 49% of the respondents plan to cast their vote by mail this November.

Republicans are far more likely to vote in person (75% to 63%), while Democrats are more likely to vote by mail or absentee (65% to 48%).

About 88% of voters are “somewhat” or “very” confident that their votes will be counted, despite conflicting predictions about the reliability of voting systems.

The poll also shows how voters feel about current issues.

Two-thirds of respondents believe their governor is doing a better job of handling COVID-19 than Trump. Three-fourths of respondents support requiring masks to be worn in public.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s approval ratings have dropped eight points since March because of his handling of COVID-19, but they remain high at 72%.

The majority of respondents support Black Lives Matter and believe racial problems are real, but they are divided when it comes to whether or not they believe professional athletes should advocate for political causes.

Most of the respondents also feel society doesn’t understand the challenges faced by white rural Americans.

Two-thirds of the respondents said there are strained relationships among family and friends due to the current political environment.

A strong majority of respondents favors electing the president through a popular vote instead of the current Electoral College.

Most of them said they are relying on TV to get their news about the presidential campaign, not social media. Respondents approve of flagging or removing false or misleading information on social media.

You can view a complete breakdown of the poll’s results online.

The third of four planned 2020 surveys, the BW Great Lakes Poll provides a side-by-side comparative analysis of voter views in four states that all went for President Obama in 2012 and President Trump in 2016 — three of four by very slim margins.

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