(WKBN) – The Ohio State Bar Association has asked Ohio Supreme Court candidate Patrick DeWine’s campaign to pull or amend one ad.

The incumbent Republican DeWine faces Democratic Appellate Judge Marilyn Zayas for one Ohio Supreme Court Justice seat.

Judges have to answer to the Ohio State Bar Association — which has rules about integrity and preserving the reputation of the court system.

Judiciary candidates are held to higher standards than those in other races.

It’s also asked political action committees supporting Democrats and Republicans to pull or amend ads.

PACs produce ads without the knowledge or consent of the candidates.

“I don’t know of any other time in which the Ohio State Bar Association has sent a letter of admonishment to a sitting Ohio Supreme Court justice to a person who is sitting on the highest court in the state,” said Zayas. “The judiciary plays by different rules. We have to be scrupulously accurate in everything that we articulate, everything that our campaign committee articulates, it communicates and anything that our volunteers communicate.”

DeWine’s campaign sent in the following statement:

“Justice DeWine’s opponent hypocritically calls for ads to be taken down while not mentioning the ads attacking Justice DeWine were also labeled false by the state bar. If Judge Zayas has the integrity she cites, she’ll instruct the Ohio Democratic Party to stop running the false ads benefiting her immediately. Justice DeWine knows that Ohio voters can judge ads for themselves and is confident he’ll be re-elected because voters want a Supreme Court Justice who will put public safety first.”