YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – For the fourth time, the Ohio Supreme Court has thrown out new state House and Senate maps because of gerrymandering.

The court released the 4-3 ruling yesterday.

The court says the maps don’t meet Ohio Constitutional requirements.

Friday, Ohio Democratic Chairperson Party Elizabeth Walters was in town. She believes people are frustrated with what’s happening.

“I think I speak for most Ohioans when we are just so completely frustrated because Republicans on the redistricting commission refuse to do their job. All of them put their hand on the bible and swore an oath to the Ohio Constitution, and this is now the fourth time the Ohio Supreme Court has found them to have broken the law and violated the Constitution,” Walter said.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose released a statement Thursday in response to the Court’s question about why a primary election couldn’t be held later than Aug. 2 for the legislative races.

LaRose said an election later than Aug. 2 could impact the November general election.

“The court’s majority ignores and, in fact, attempts to rewrite the key requirements of election administration literally spelled out in the law,” LaRose said in a statement.

The Ohio General Assembly has yet to determine an election date for statehouse races.

Karina Cheung of WCMH contributed to this report.