YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There are still a few weeks until Election Day, but early voting has already begun in the state.

The Mahoning County Board of Elections saw a steady flow of voters Wednesday morning.

“We’re seeing a really good turnout this year. There’s a lot of interest in this race. I think from the governor to the Senate to some local races,” said Tom McCabe, director of the Mahoning County Board of Elections.

McCabe said the county has also received about 20,000 requests to vote by mail.

“It helps on Election Day with the poll workers, because there is less congestion, the lines move faster, a little less confusion on Election Day because you’re seeing fewer voters,” he said.

One early voter said the process is simple.

“Very easy. I like the new system. Of course, I remember the old system with the buttons and stuff like that, but yes, this is a nice way to do it,” said John Swierz.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose said Ohio is leading the way in not only early voting processes but the security of elections.

“Every polling location and every Board of Elections is half Republicans and half Democrats. All patriotic Ohioans working together, we also make sure that our polling machines are never connected to the internet,” he said.

McCabe shared the motto when it comes to voting in the Buckeye State.

“What we’ve been saying for years: it’s easy to vote in Ohio, but it’s hard to cheat in Ohio, so Ohio has good safeguards in place. It’s a secure election in Ohio,” he said.

As for Swierz, he has some words for voters in the Valley.

“Come down and vote because it’s very important what happens when you elect somebody that they’re going to be representing you,” he said. “You want the best you can get.”