(WKBN) — One day after winning the Republican nomination as state representative, incumbent Mike Loychik announced he’ll file a challenge against his Independent challenger in November.

Loychik is challenging the candidacy of Jennifer Donnelly who filed to run as an independent in Ohio’s 65th House District.

Loychik’s challenging her petitions, residency, and her separation from the Democratic party.

He plans to file with the Ohio Elections Commission and the Trumbull County Board of Elections.

Donnelly responded to Loychick’s announcement.

“Despite Mike Loychik’s attempt to be handed the office with no opposition, I’m a lifelong resident of the District. I have never attended Republican or Democratic party events, nor held a position in either the Republican or Democratic party. My primary voting record will show that I am not affiliated with either party and I have filed to run as an Independent candidate,” said Donnelly.