LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) — Two independent candidates will appear on the ballot for Lisbon’s mayoral race as incumbent Pete Wilson will take on council president Dawn Thomas.

“I am good under pressure. I can prioritize, think clearly and I know how to lead, which is a very important quality that a mayor needs to have,” Thomas said.

“I’m in the office every day, morning and afternoon, because I think it’s important that Lisbonites know I’m here. If you have complaint, a suggestion, a problem, I want to resolve it. I’m here to listen,” Wilson said.

One thing Wilson says he would like to continue focusing on is getting grants for the village.

“Our village’s infrastructure, like most municipalities, it’s crumbling. We need to replace a lot. Waterlines, sewer lines, roads and bridges — that is a given. We have to look for financing,” Thomas said.

Thomas says she’d like to take an internal look at the village’s operation.

“How we conduct business, ourselves. Are we trustworthy? Are we open and somebody that others would want to do business with surrounding organizations and municipalities?” Thomas said. “If not, work on that.”

In the way of businesses in Lisbon, Thomas wants to work with them to help get them with grants and help them work with each other.

“I would like to form a business committee of existing and new business owners, have some mentors there, to let our new businesses know works and what doesn’t work,” Thomas said.

Wilson wants to make it easier for people to get to the businesses.

“The village is of one the few municipalities, if not the only, in Columbiana County that still uses parking meters. I think it’s ridiculous to charge an indirect tax on people visiting the village,” Wilson said.

In 2019, the village passed an income tax to help the police department with pay. Both candidates say they are still working out ways to hire and keep officers.

“Just one month ago, two months ago, we received a police retention grant, for $36,000,” Wilson said.

“Up the benefits, the insurance. We need to make sure they have the resources that they need,” Thomas said.