CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – The city of Campbell’s police and fire departments will see some pay increases after two tax levies passed Tuesday.

“They’ve been working their butts off, trying to keep the place safe… It shows the people really want their fire, and they really want their police, and that’s why they voted for it, and I wanna thank all of the citizens of Campbell for what they did for us,” said Campbell Mayor Bryan Tedesco.

The first levy was to increase the pay for police officers in the city across the board. It passed with over 73% of the vote, according to unofficial voting returns.

New hires will now start at $21 per hour, instead of $15.50 per hour. 

City officials hope the increased wages will help keep officers in their department. Altogether, the levy will generate over $399,900. Residents in a $100,000 home will pay an additional $187.25 in annual taxes.

The other levy passed will benefit the fire department. It passed wit hover 75% of the vote, according to unofficial returns.

The tax levy will provide an increase in pay for firefighters in hopes to retain and bring in new firefighters and first responders.

“They ran 1,300 medical calls, our fire department, last year. That tells you that they’re out there… We have a young fire department, and they’re running all the time,” Tedesco said.

The levy will generate $150,257 annually.

Residents living in a $100,000 home would see a yearly tax increase of $70.35.