WEATHERSFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — On Saturday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley made a campaign stop in Trumbull County.

Whaley is the former mayor of Dayton, Ohio and is the first female candidate for governor in Ohio history.

Her opponent is incumbent Mike DeWine.

“We lead the country in things like corruption, infant mortality, maternal mortality, opioid overdose,” Whaley said.

She said she doesn’t like the direction Ohio is moving towards.

“The biggest challenge is right now, this issue of a right being taken away from women and the tough decision that she has to make with her family, her doctor, her and her God,” Whaley said.

She talked about a Dayton woman who was pregnant but learned she had cancer and the complications that came with that diagnosis.

“They do not provide chemotherapy if you’re pregnant. In Mike DeWine’s Ohio, she has to go across states line to terminate that pregnancy to fight for her own life,” Whaley said.

If elected as governor, one of Whaley’s first moves would be to reinstate abortion access across the state. In 2019 during her time as mayor, Dayton experienced a mass shooting that killed nine people. She said current Governor Mike DeWine did not give the response she thought the people of Dayton deserved.

“I stood next to him as he unveiled his Strong Ohio bill, and then I watched him do absolutely nothing to move the bill forward,” Whaley said. “And then he did do something, all right — he made the problem worse. He signed stand your ground, which makes our communities less safe, particularly for people of color. He signed permit-less concealed carry, which increases officer-involved shootings by 14% and law enforcement was against it.”

Whaley also weighed in on her plan to foster economic growth in the Buckeye State promoting small businesses and something she calls apprenticeship readiness programs, which would help train people for construction jobs.

“So when we build Ohio through this infrastructure plan, it’s Ohioans building Ohio. Right now we’re going to have people from out of state building Ohio and taking that money out of Ohio,” Whaley said.

On Saturday, First News reached out to incumbent Republican candidate — current Governor Mike DeWine — for a statement but did not hear back in time for this story.