Green Party candidate, former Youngstown school board member picks running mate in presidential election

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Dario Hunter said he's running because "the voice of the people is absent" from the political system


(WKBN) – Green Party presidential primary candidate and former Youngstown school board member Dario Hunter who is running for president announced his running mate during a campaign event in Boston Monday night.

Hunter chose Massachusetts-native Darlene Elias, a women’s rights activist and former co-chair of the Green Party. Her Green Party activism started when Elias fronted an effort to prevent the demolition of Lyman Terrace, which is a housing complex for low-income residents in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

During the announcement, Hunter said Elias brings qualities that are essential for the party’s outreach and activism.

“I’m running because the voice of the people is absent from our current political system. We need to do what it takes to get real system change,” Elias said.

“It’s important to make this pick now because the challenges we face as a party to ballot access mean that we need to be ready earlier than the Democrats and Republicans. And we’ve got a solid team, a solid ticket to address the issues that Americans face every day — one that resembles and speaks to the American experience,” Hunter said.

Their campaign advocates for the Green New Deal, which focuses on transitioning the country to renewable energy, replacing the war budget and negotiating global carbon reduction benchmarks.

Their platform also pushes to cover single-payer universal healthcare and end privatization of school districts.

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