(WKBN) – Tuesday is election day and First News is breaking down everything you need to know at the polls.

Our big races here in the Buckeye State include the US Senate race, representatives for Congress,
filling state house and senate seats and the governor Race.

County by County there are several other items on the ballot as well. Polls open Tuesday morning at 6:30. They will be open until 7:30 p.m. Tuesday evening. You will need a valid ID in order to vote. Drivers License, military ID, Utility Bills and bank statements are all accepted forms.

Now we move on to the races in Pennsylvania. The ballot much simpler as the only issue on the Mercer County ballot is relevant to residents in Hermitage and Wheatland. They will be deciding whether or not to merge the two municipalities.

Other races we are keeping an eye on in the Commonwealth include US Senate, US House of Representatives, General Assembly representative and senate seats and Governor.

Polls in Pennsylvania open up at 7 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m. Tuesday. In PA, you do not need to show ID unless it’s your first time voting at your assigned polling location.

There are several other issues and races on the ballots that vary by county.

If you want to know what is on your ballot, the following are sample ballots for each county:

  1. Columbiana County
  2. Mahoning County
  3. Trumbull County
  4. Mercer County