(WKBN) – The man who would like to be the next member of Congress for northwestern Pennsylvania sees this as a chance to give back to the community.

“I think I offer a much better alternative than our current representative, who’s really not looking out for the people of western Pennsylvania,” said Dan Pastore.

This is Erie-area businessman and attorney Dan Pastore’s first try at an elected office. He’s challenging six-term incumbent Republican Mike Kelly.

“I think it’s an easy thing for him to say and he’d have to say something because I don’t know that there’s anything that I’ve looked at on his resume that I’d hire him to do this job,” Kelly responded.

Kelly said if he’s able to win another term, one of his goals is to restore the faith of voters and taxpayers in their government — something Kelly said has been lost.

“I’m going to be concentrating from our position on ways and means of government oversight. This government has got to become more accountable,” he said.

Pastore’s goals include reaching across party lines.

“I’m not running to be a Democrat or to advance anyone’s agenda, other than to look out for the best interests of the people of western Pennsylvania,” Pastore said.

One area that both candidates do seem to agree on is the need to tap into more of the energy resources in the area and then get it to market.

“We have an incredible supply of energy, thousands and thousands of jobs, and all that would keep the price lower because we’d be competing on the global market,” Kelly said.

For his part, Pastore believes that the future lies with alternative energy, though it may take time.

“That transition will take time, and during that transition period, we’re going to need oil and gas. We need to produce it domestically,” Pastore said.