Name: Dale Kerns
City of Residence: Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Party Affiliation: Libertarian
Office Desired: U.S. Senate
Twitter: @DaleKernsJr

Why should you be elected
I represent a sect of the Pennsylvania populace that has too long been ignored by the career politicians in Washington. I look to bring new perspective of a more regular, everyday person who doesn’t have special interests and lobbyists to worry about when making important decisions.

Top three priorities
1) End the failed War on Drugs and opioid epidemic by reminding lawmakers that Addiction is Not a Crime. We must transition to a system like in Portugal or Switzerland, where addiction is treated like a medical rather than a criminal issue.

2) Return decisions on education to our students, parents, and local communities rather than bureaucrats in Washington. Education is perhaps the most important decision any family can make, and for too long, government has consumed billions of tax dollars without any progress to show for it. We deserve more choice, competition, and accountability in our schooling, and it starts by taking power back from lobbyists and special interests.

3) Fundamentally transform our immigration system in order to make it easier to immigrate legally. As it stands now, it can take decades to legally come into the United States. So many want to come to our country to improve the lives of themselves and their families while contributing to our economy. Immigrants have always been the builders of greatness in our nation. We must also abolish ICE to bring that agency’s reign of terror to an end, and welcome immigrants with open arms.

Dale Kerns is running in 2018 to represent Pennsylvanians of all backgrounds in the U.S. Senate. In his campaign, Dale champions freedom and liberty. He is running to be a voice on behalf of residents across the Commonwealth.

Dale is happily married to his wife Nicole, and is the proud father to two daughters, Hailey and Sophia, and the family’s German Shepherd, Luke. The Kerns family resides in Ridley Township, Delaware County.

Dale works as a Project Manager for an Electrical Contractor, where he is responsible for maintaining and managing commercial construction projects for many blue collar Pennsylvanians.

As a Board of Directors Member with the Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County, he volunteers his time to help Pennsylvanians overcome barriers to self-sufficiently work. Dale is running to be your voice in Washington D.C. — to be another option so that you don’t have to just choose the lesser of two evils.