Election May 2019: Marcus Kohan

Marcus Kohan is running for County Commissioner.

Name: Marcus Kohan
City of Residence: Mercer, Pennsylvania
Party Affiliation: Republican
Office Desired: County Commissioner
Facebook: Marcus Kohan for Mercer County Commissioner

Why I should be elected
With 35 years in Manufacturing and Industry I have helped design and manufacture over $350 Million dollars of new and refurbished equipment in the Steel and Aluminum Industry to the largest equipment manufacturers and Mills in the USA and around the World. This equipment has generated $ Billions of dollars of revenue and helped to create thousands of jobs. I have also been in education for over 35 years and Law-enforcement and Emergency Services for many years. With my vast experience, skills, and knowledge and most importantly the proper attitude of service to our Communities, I believe that by working together through collaboration and cooperation with a unified effort, we can make a difference in Mercer County for everyone. We can provide for top quality safety and security, increase business development and job creation, and encourage more skill-based and high technology education for our citizens.

Top three priorities 
The first will be to address our deteriorating infrastructure. It affects our safety as well as local commerce. I will make sure that our roads and bridges are repaired and rebuilt to today’s standards. I will identify infrastructure weaknesses in vital resources such as our electrical grid, fresh water distribution system and waste water services. I will direct that improvements are made so that these key resources have maximum availability to all who depend on them.

The second is to encourage economic growth and business development in Mercer County. This will increase our tax base through job creation, not over-taxation, so that we can provide much needed improvements to the county and services to our people and our communities. This will also include preparing our workforce for the future through skill-based and high technology education. Through skill-based education and increased opportunities will create higher wages and a better standard of living for our friends and neighbors. Only with a skilled workforce and by creating an attractive environment for business development will we improve the living conditions for everyone in our County.

The third, and probably the most important is to work with Law-Enforcement, emergency services, and the Judiciary at all levels and attack the drug problem we have in Mercer County. We must utilize all of our resources to end this tragedy and protect our children and young people. They are our greatest resource and it is our responsibility to end the flow coming into Mercer County and prosecute the dealers to the fullest extent of the law. If elected, I promise a relentless pursuit against this scourge corrupting our communities.

Marcus Kohan is a business entrepreneur, Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineering Technician, State law-enforcement officer, and long-time educator currently training Law-enforcement, emergency medical personnel, and volunteer organizations active in disasters. Marcus studied Aerospace Engineering at Penn State University, Business Administration at IUP and completed his training in Mechanical/Manufacturing engineering technology at Fisher Body a Division of General Motors. He also earned a BSBA Degree from Kennedy Western University. As an active Mercer County resident for 25 years, Marcus started a business as a Sales Engineer and Project Manager for the steel and aluminum industry in 1987. Mr. Kohan has helped design, develop, and deploy more than $350M in industrial equipment manufactured entirely in the United States. His enterprise also helped generate Billions in revenue and creates thousands of well-paying jobs around the State and Country. “I feel it is time to use my business and organizational experience to help create a more robust economy in Mercer County,” explained Marcus. “I also understand what it takes to help solve the economic problems facing our local citizens by increasing business development incentives and training a vibrant workforce to accommodate the success of our communities and businesses”. Marcus is married to his wife Dawn, and they have five children and 13 grandchildren. They live in Springfield Township and attend New Life Baptist Church in New Wilmington. After 9/11, Marcus began training in Public Safety. He now holds the highest certifications in Homeland Security from the American Board of Certification in Homeland Security and the National Sheriffs Association. He is a second-term Pennsylvania State Constable since being elected in 2009. Marcus is also a Certified Emergency Medical Technician. Mr. Kohan believes his experience in business development, public safety, skills-based education, and dedication to serve Mercer County residents to thrive and prosper in the critical years ahead is imperative. He also Volunteers for the American Red Cross, Western Pennsylvania Community emergency response team, New Life Baptist church, Allegheny County Health Department, Advanced Law-enforcement rapid response training, DHS/FEMA, Pardoe Sportsman’s Association and Mercer County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs.

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