Director predicts extremely low voter turnout for Mercer Co. special election

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"I would not be shocked if our turnout is single digits today, percentage-wise," he said

MERCER, Pa. (WKBN) – Mercer County held a special election Tuesday and voter turnout seemed to be low.

Hours after Ohio postponed its primary election, the east side of Mercer County needed to vote on a representative for the Pennsylvania statehouse. Candidates Tim Bonner and Phil Heasley are candidates for the 8th legislative district.

“Honestly, I was expecting the light on the phone to be on and just dozens of messages, ‘I’m not showing up today,'” said director of elections Jeff Greenburg.

Greenburg said, thankfully, poll workers showed up but he didn’t think too many voters would.

“I will be surprised, based on the current state of affairs in Pennsylvania and the country, if we hit double digits. I would not be shocked if our turnout is single digits today, percentage-wise.”

“It’s going to be pretty low,” Heasley said. “Our initial thoughts were around 5,000 votes cast and right now, we’re going to be about half that, we’re thinking.”

Heasley said this election is especially important since Mercer County’s 8th legislative district hasn’t been represented in the statehouse since January.

Pennsylvania’s regular primary is scheduled for April 28. At this point, Greenburg would be shocked if it stayed that way.

“We are hopeful the folks in Harrisburg who make that decision will be making that decision sooner than later,” he said. “We need — as an elections department — need as much time as possible to prepare for any changes.”

The unofficial results of in-person votes for Pennsylvania’s special election should be out Tuesday night. You can find them on our website.

This race also includes voters from parts of Butler County.

Final results with absentee ballots included will be out sometime Wednesday.

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