YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Candidates for Ohio’s 6th Congressional District shared their thoughts on issues voters are concerned with this election.

The race is on for incumbent Republican candidate Bill Johnson and Democratic candidate Louis Lyras. They’re vying for a district that spans 11 counties, including Mahoning and Columbiana.

Johnson and Lyras agree that inflation is hurting Ohioans.

Johnson, who lives and Marietta and served in the Air Force before he was a congressman, says he wants to focus on reducing costs for families.

“The high cost of gas, the high cost of groceries, the high cost of heating cool their home, the energy crisis, the inflation crisis that we’re experiencing — that’s first and foremost on everybody’s mind. And those are going to be the priorities,” says Johnson.

Lyras, who is from Campbell and runs a bridge-painting company, says he wants to bolster the middle class by securing good jobs for the region.

“I fight for the unions all my life,” Lyras said. “This work that we’re going to bring here — and making it a union — will elevate that middle class that I keep on talking about.”

Lyras says he wants to bring clean energy jobs to Ohio, promoting things like the battery plant and hydrogen and solar energy sources.

“This isn’t the old days at the mills, but there’s a lot of good industry that could come back,” Lyras says.

But Johnson is unconvinced that this is something the public wants.

“[There’s a] rush to [go] green, depending on solar and wind and weather-dependent sources to fuel our energy. And that’s not working. And the American people are screaming at them,” Johnson says.