Candidate for Youngstown Mayor: Tayana Smith

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Tayana Smith is running for Youngstown Mayor.

Name: Tayana Smith
Age: 50
Office Desired: Youngstown Mayor
Occupation: Independent Business Consultant
Education: YSU, IWU, DeVry

I have fortified my business acumen with hands-on experience in diverse fields while managing projects, millions of dollars, and multiple RFP’s simultaneously as well as managing compliance for the county government. I am equipped to manage the city.

What are your priorities for your community?
Public Safety is paramount to the success of any city. It is of the utmost importance that we increase the presence of police officers and their positive impact within our community.
Create strong and synergistic public/private partnerships to bring economic development to the city while building the economy from within by tapping into the existing residents to create a cohesive union towards upward mobility. This allows each resident to be a part of the change.
Commit to overcoming food deserts by working with local growers to provide co-op shops where the owners shop and work in the stores. By allowing the community to own and operate their co-ops, it promotes community success and engagement.
All of this moves Youngstown towards a better opportunity index rating.

What policies, if any, will you support to promote diversity and inclusion in your community?
Respect is of the utmost importance. We will not always agree or chose the same path in life, but we can certainly respect others that may not be on our path. Rather than collide, I will support policies that create a cohesive union while promoting diversity and inclusion. If we value all lives, it should resonate both personally and professionally. Education is key to understanding and it will be my policy to ensure that everyone is well versed in unconscious biases that we all possess and how to overcome them. I also commit to evaluating all recruitment and hiring tactics used to ensure diversity and inclusion are incorporated from the beginning along with onboarding new hires with educational tools for positive results.

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