Name: Kamau Thornton
City of Residence: 
Party Affiliation: 
Office Desired: 
Warren 5th Ward City Council

Why should you be elected?
I am a veteran of the Navy, spent 15 years working at Denman Tire, worked as a substitute teacher, 911 operator, worked in economic development all for the city of Youngstown.  I believe my work back aground has groomed me to help serve the 5th Ward and the citizens of Warren through a challenging time in this gray city’s present to a even brighter future.  

What are your top three priorities if elected?
One would be some relief of the flooding issue. Two would be crime, and the third would be some of the blight.

My name is Kamau Thornton and I am a candidate for city council of the 5th Ward of Warren.  I was born in Youngstown, OH in 1971 and I graduated from Youngstown East High School in 1989. I am a veteran having served in the US Navy. I returned to the area in 1995. I attended Kent State University and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelors’ in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing.  I have lived in Warren for the past 26 years.  My primary concern is for my daughter’s and other youths’ future. This is at the heart of what convinced me, to run for a city council seat for the city of Warren representing the 5th ward.  Economic times have changed over the years and I want to be among those, who, not only look forward to a bright future, I want to build that future. I want to reinforce our strength as a community,  and one that promotes an economic climate where our gifted young people can find good jobs with positive economic strides and affordable housing.  I believe this will encourage them to remain in our community. I have worked as a substitute teacher, as a 911 Call Taker and as a Dispatcher in the Economic Development Office.  I am currently employed with Taylor Kia of Hermitage as a Salesman. My career path has afforded me multiple opportunities to work with others, learn how to reinvent myself,  given me a clear understanding of the importance of education for our young people.

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