Name: Tony Maroni
City of Residence:
Party Affiliation:
Office Desired:
Salem Township Trustee

Why should you be elected?
I felt it was time for a NON-politician to step up and use my skillset to help our community. I have over 30 years of business experience of creating successful companies and management teams. I spent over 25 years as a bi-vocational pastor, serving several local church communities, and over 20 years and counting as the Salem Ministerial Association Secretary Treasurer.
I don’t believe community leaders, political, elected, appointed or law officials are “above” the law. I feel we need to hold people in leadership to a higher standard and we need to hold them accountable for their actions.

What are your top three priorities if elected?
Key points of my platform are:
1. The Federal Government provided an opportunity to our Township Trustees thru the Cares Act to receive $311,789.15 in relief money due to Covid. Area townships, cities, counties, businesses, charities, fire departments, police departments, hospitals, etc. all made the effort to utilize the Cares Act monies EXCEPT our current Salem Township Trustees.  THEY DID NOTHING. By their own admission, they “did not want to bother, too many strings attached”. I feel they needed to learn how to follow the rules like everyone else did. I feel the citizens of our township deserved to have this money benefit our community. If you agree with me, I need your vote.
2. I will make the meetings open and more accessible to the public. Most of us are aware of Facebook, and the ease of its use. They have something as simple as Facebook live, where we can broadcast for free our meetings. The current trustees keep these meetings held at times most citizens are at work and cannot attend. I will open the doors and be accountable and open to the ideas of the those in the community.
3. I will hold those in appointed offices accountable to follow the laws and rules we all have to follow. No more turning a blind eye to wrong doing. No more making excuses for people who break the law. No more ignoring criminal behavior by law enforcement. No more. A vote for me, will ensure a new look at the use of our hard-earned tax money for safety services and bring our township into the modern world. Do you know that not ONE of the other 17 counties in Columbiana County have a Constable? I think we need to re-assess the expense of that department and work with the county Sheriff department to increase coverage of our township.
4. We need a 5-10-year plan to maintain our roads
5. We need to develop group buying power with area schools and other government entities for salt for treating winter roads and stop using that terrible ash that does nothing but make the roads dirty and a mess.
6. We need to start cooperating with other area governing bodies, work in harmony with Leetonia Fire and Police and City Hall.
7. Focus on the WHOLE township, not just one small area.
Bottom line, Folks, it is time for a Change.

Tony Maroni brings to position of Salem Township Trustee  over 30 years of management experience, with 34 years of experience of serving people and the community. He has successfully managed 10 different companies over his career and multiple churches. He was a member of many non-profit organizational board of directors and helped develop several. Tony built several management teams and has led teams to see increases in quality of care, and improved financial outcomes and has seen overall improvement in every organization he was involved with over the years. Several times he achieved the multiple company’s highest honors of performance. He has an established track record of building  quality relationships with his associates and partners. He is persistent and tenacious when it comes to providing quality customer service. He feels that a Trustee should treat people with the quality that he would be comfortable having his own mother receive. Tony grew up in the Youngstown/Boardman area and has spent over half of his life living in the Salem Township area in Columbiana County. Tony is very community-centered, he is an active member of the Salem Chamber of Commerce and is a former Executive Board member, 1st and 2nd Vice President and the President. He is the current Secretary-Treasurer for the Salem Ministerial Association and has been in this position for 20 years.  Tony is also an active member in the Salem Rotary Club, teaches Jr Achievement and helped develop  the Salem Food Pantry, the Salem Banquet and the ROC Youth Center.

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