Name: Mindy Devorich
City of Residence: Niles
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Office Desired: 4th Ward Council

Why should you be elected?
I truly believe in Niles, its potential, and its residents. There is a lot that needs to be done to bring Niles back to where it once was, and beyond. I’m fortunate to currently not be working outside the home; therefore, I can devote myself to working with other council members, and the administration to accomplish the goals needed to improve the lives of our residents. Council should be providing as many services to its residents as is fiscally responsible. I’m up for the challenge, and excited to get started. I have a different background than other council members, and strongly believe diversity on council is an asset.

What are your top three priorities if elected?
As much as I don’t want to sound like a broken record, infrastructure has to be the number one priority. Our infrastructure has far outlived its use. We cannot continue to have residents homes flooding, and backing up with sewage. Unfortunately, we got caught up in the last storm, and our home was flooded. I feel for anybody who has ever been in this situation. It’s absolutely awful. ** I would suggest that residents check their insurance policy for “back up” coverage. This is different from flood insurance, and flood insurance does not cover back up! If you don’t have it, I urge you to add it to your policy. It’s inexpensive, and will give you some form of protection should you find yourself damaged by a back up.

As council we need to listen to our residents concerns, as well as their ideas. We must make certain that their voices are heard, and be the liaison between the residents and the administration. I will continue to urge residents to attend council – ask questions, raise concerns, and share ideas. If we can work together, and not against one another I do think we can facilitate the change we, as a city want to see.

We absolutely must rebuild the reputation of our city. Just a short few years ago Niles joined with the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber looking at areas where we could improve, and areas where we were doing well. To propel Niles forward we need new businesses to locate here. Sadly the report from the chamber told us we are viewed as unfriendly toward business, and are thought of as corrupt – We MUST change this perception! We have a great deal to offer new businesses as an incentive to locate in the city, and still support the businesses already here.

None of this is easy. None of this will get accomplished without bumps in the road, but I believe in this community, and with hard work we will make positive changes. We will become bigger, better, and stronger if we all can come together to reach common goals.

Niles is my hometown. Both my husband, John, and I, as well as our two oldest children are all proud graduates of Niles McKinley. My youngest is currently a junior, and will soon join us as alumni.

I continued my education here in Niles, at ETI. I earned an associate degree in paralegalism in 2001, and worked as a probate assistant for a local law firm. I have an extensive background in real estate. I was both a Realtor, and later also managed the office.

I was raised in the 4th Ward, on the Southside, and about 18 months ago bought the family home I grew up in, so after living in several other areas of Niles, I’m glad to be back to my roots! My father built our home, and we are currently working on bringing it back to what it once was, or better.  

I have three children, Jared 34 (Ashley), Olivia 28 (Zachary), and Gracie will soon turn 17. I am also the grandmother to four amazing grandchildren – one grandson, and three granddaughters, Merrick 7, Adalyne 3, Nora 3 next month, and Ella just turned a year old.

I look forward to serving Niles. I am unopposed in my race, and I will be council-elect after the general election, Tuesday, November 2nd. Should you need to contact me, I can be reached at (330) 469-1589. After being sworn in, I will have a city e-mail that I will share.

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