Candidate for Mahoning County School Board: Kenneth Donaldson, Sr.

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Kenneth Donaldson, Sr. is running for Mahoning County School Board.

Name: Kenneth Donaldson, Sr.
Age: 53
Office Desired: Mahoning County School Board
Occupation: Pastor
Education: B.S. Psychology; M.Ed. ; Th.M. (Urban Ministry)

Front line experience as an advocate for kids as a case manager, intervention counselor, college recruiter, teacher, coach, motivational speaker, Chaplin and mentor. I have volunteered at East High as a mentor for the past 14 years.

What are your priorities for the school district?
My number one priority is to create a culture of integrity and mutual respect within the board where academic student progress becomes the end goal. My priority is to help create policy that promotes student achievement where creating reflective decision makers becomes attainable. My priority is to be a part of a collective whole where continuous progress becomes the rule and not he exception. For this to happen, there must be accountablity for the front line staff and educational leadership. The board must develop policies that are attainable and measurable and give them time to work. A lack of consistency has plagued our school district but positive change is on the horizon.

What policies, if any, will you support to promote diversity and inclusion in your school district?
I will support policies that promote student academic success and teacher empowerment. My educational studies and personal experience teaching and interacting with young people has helped me understand that there is more than one way to teach and reach students. There has to be a diverse approach to teaching because there is a diversity of learning styles. Educators should be empowered to use whatever approaches necessary for student progress. Inclusion is the idea that everyone should be included in the learning strategy. Most teachers teach the way they learn but all students do not learn the same way; therefore, the teaching approach must be contextualized and inclusive to our most prized possessions (our students).

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