Name: Rick Hernandez
City of Residence:
Party Affiliation:
Office Desired:
Hubbard Township Trustee

Why should you be elected?
Experience! Proven Leadership! Fought and continue to fight for over 18 years against toxic operations from locating in our community! ie: Landfills, Injection wells.

Transitioned the Hubbard Township Police Department from a Financial Fiscal Emergency to operating in the black today. Negotiated a current two year contractual agreement with the FOP Union Local 85 for policing in the Township without legal council being present saving the Township thousands of dollars in negotiation fees! The Hubbard Township Police are here to stay in Hubbard Township!

What are your top three priorities if elected?
1) Environment:

I have been vocal and fighting against any toxic operation from locating in our community! As a founding member of HELP, (Hubbard Environmental & Land Preservation) for over 18 years I have fought and continue to fight against landfills and injection wells that accept out of state waste that harms our communities water sources, health and well being!  

2) Safety

To continue to work with our Township Police Force as I have in the past 4 years on a daily basis to provide the best safety and policing to our residents. Arming our police with the best equipment the Township can afford to purchase!

As a 4 year member of the Board of Trustees with the Eagle Joint Fire District we have transitioned the fire department from a volunteer to a part time service which includes EMS service to aid the new ambulance service provided by Lane Ambulance. Providing quicker response times for emergencies.

3) Sewer and Water

Work with the Trumbull County Commissioners to provide necessary monies for the study and completion of the Maplewood 1&2 sewer projects that are long overdue!

To provide drinkable, potable water to our residents who currently have water wells. We must find a way to tie our residents in to the municipal water lines to provide service to them. Monies are available at the County level. By the County Commissioners providing the necessary monies and resources and also through grants for this service.  

Hubbard Township Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Elected 2017.
District Committeeman Precinct A Hubbard Township
Founding member of HELP, (Hubbard Environmental & Land Preservation)
Member of the Ohio Township Association. OTA
Owner/Operator: Hern Motors, Hubbard, Ohio EST: 1969.
Founding member and musician: Hern Brothers Band. EST:1980
Resident of Hubbard, Ohio 52 years
Graduate of Hubbard H.S. Class of 1979
Victory Christian Church, Coitsville, OH. member/greeter
HCYL Soccer. Coach 8 years

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