Candidate for Cortland City Council: Traci Cooper

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Traci Cooper is running for Cortland City Council.

Name: Traci Cooper
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Cortland City Council

Why should you be elected?
“That’s an excellent question – when I ponder about why voters should consider choosing me to sit on City Council, all things point to paying it forward.  My husband and I are grounded in this community.  Running for public office has been a long time passion of mine.  I am a business owner in Cortland, and this community has been wonderful to my family.  I would like to pay it forward and work to make improvements for this town that has provided me with so much opportunity.  Now is the perfect time to give back.  I believe Public Office positions should be temporary, not a long-term job.  We should run for office, work hard to serve our community and then step down to provide the next person an opportunity to serve.  I should be elected because I truly care about positive change for this community.  I care about the people who live here and I want to be a voice for them”.

What are your top three priorities if elected?
Obviously, this position requires a team player so if elected, I will begin by consulting with the other council members to discuss both short term and long term goals.  
1)  My first goal is to help restore and beautify Cortland.  We have so much to offer in this amazing community.  I would love to see a revitalized downtown area with more emphasis on our lake.  It is important to implement this revitalization with minimal cost to residents and business owners.  Main Street going toward downtown is only exposed to half of the traffic in comparison to High Street.  More visible signage will be an important portion of this revitalization plan.  Better signs will guide visitors to explore more of our beautiful lake and promote more traffic to our small businesses on and around Main Street.  My plan would be for council to develop an updated revitalization plan with short term mini goals that will subsequently expand into longer term goals as we measure progress.  The zoning laws are also a priority and really need to be updated.
2)  Cortland has a huge pickleball community which brings in revenue and people from all over the state.  I would love to do more in Cortland to promote health and wellness in addition to pickleball.  I would like to find a way (grants) to add bicycle lanes and running/walking lanes for safety.    3)  The mosquito spray that we use in Cortland is antiquated and there could be a better and safer way.  Most communities in the state have found better ways to keep mosquitos under control in a more organic and safe manner.  Currently, we all lock ourselves up in our homes on spray days and keep the pets off of the lawn after.  As City Council Woman, I would like to speak with an Environmental Engineer and find out what our options are for cost effectiveness and health for people and the environment.    

My name is Traci Cooper.  I’m a mom to 4 children (3 are grown and on their own) and a stepmom to 3 adult children (Jeffrey, my step-son, is in Heaven).  I am also a proud grandmother of two.  As a parent of a large family, I understand the struggles young couples endure while working and raising their children.  In addition to parenting, my role as a grandmother has provided more awareness around the needs of our older community.
I was born in Trumbull County and lived in Cortland as a child, attending Bazetta Elementary.  My family then moved us to Orwell through graduation.  I remember always thinking of Cortland as the “big city.”  My background is in Real Estate, Construction and Accounting.  I worked as a Project Manager/Property Manager for Alan Daus and Associates in Cleveland.  I was responsible for leasing and building out commercial space for future tenants per leases.  As a commercial agent, I was able to get a feel for different areas and identify the best aspects of those areas.  I also worked for Developers Diversified in planning and development.  
My husband Jeff and I have owned and operated our own fitness center and bicycle shop in Cortland for the past 11 years. Two years ago, we opened a second fitness center in Champion.  Prior to becoming a small business owner, I provided services as a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
to several gyms and fitness centers across Medina and Brunswick.  I have fallen in love with communities that are able to maintain the quaintness of their downtown areas.  I have a deep passion for fitness and helping people become the best version of themselves.  I currently serve a diverse group of patrons and it is my mission to also better serve my community.

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