Candidate for Cortland City Council: Kathy Fleischer

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Kathy Fleischer is running for Cortland City Council.

Name: Kathy Fleischer
City of Residence:
Party Affiliation:
Office Desired:
Cortland City Council

Why should you be elected?
I should be re-elected because I have a good idea of what needs addressed and where the city can improve. After serving on city council for the last four years I can say that I truly love to meet our residents and enjoy helping them when they have questions or issues. If I don’t know an answer I work hard to track down the information by doing research or by asking the right people for the answers.  
I feel I’m an asset to our community. I’m a naturally curious person who’s not afraid to ask questions, or to share my opinion. I would love to continue to represent our residents as a public servant in Cortland.

What are your top three priorities if elected?
1) I want to continue to represent the best interests of both the city and our residents. I am a good listener and I try to be as fair as possible. I like to form my own opinions and see all sides before making a decision that will affect our residents, employees, and visitors.
2) I would like to help implement the city’s soon-to-be-completed Strategic Plan. I think everyone agrees that our downtown needs a face-life, and that the empty buildings around our city need to be filled. Once the plan is completed, we’ll have a roadmap to start tackling each item. I truly believe that tackling each item on the plan list will improve our city, not only for our residents, but also for our business owners and city employees.
3) My last goal is to help update the city’s zoning ordinances. I think with the modular home going in on St. Andrews this summer, as well as other issues that have come up over the years, it’s become very clear that the city needs to review all of our zoning ordinances. We need to find a way to better enforce our ordinances and rewrite outdated or unclear wording.

I’m a long-time Cortland resident and Lakeview graduate. I’m currently serving my first term on Cortland City Council, and I’ve been employed in the accounting department at McDonald Steel Corporation for the last ten years. I previously served as both President and Secretary of The Trumbull County Tourism Board, and completed a three-year term with the Bureau in 2020.
My passion in life is to share my love of local history, news, and information with anyone who will listen. After graduating from Kent State, I chose to stay in The Mahoning Valley to be part of our community and to help make it better.

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