Name: Matthew Balut
City of Residence: Warren
Party Affiliation: Nonpartisan
Office Desired: Champion Twp Trustee

Why should you be elected?
I have not held a political office prior to running for trustee, but was employed by the township for over 30 years in the fire department prior to my retirement.  I was born and raised here, I’m a graduate from Champion High School. I know the inter workings of the township, and feel I can better  help and serve the residents with the issues and concerns that they have. Once I set a goal I follow through on it. I take pride in my community.

What are your top three priorities if elected?
Alleviate the flooding issues that plague this community

Attract new business into the community to help offset taxes on the residents.

Aggressively  work on the extension of water and sewer line in the areas were residents are requesting them.

1976 Joined Champion Fire Dept as a volunteer 1977 Graduate Champion High School
1977 Became certified EMT
1978 Became a dispatcher for Action Ambulance work my way up to EMT and shift Captain until 1982
1979 Attended Kent State for Firefighter 1 certification
1980 Attended Youngstown State for Advanced EMT certification
1981 Attended Akron City Hospital for Paramedic certification
1982 Hired full time Champion FD to start the paramedic program
1984 Became level 2 Fire investigator
1986 Joined  Trumbull County Fire Investigation Unit
1998 and 2001 received the state live saver award.
1999 Credentialed as state expert arson investigator
2001 Credentialed as a federal expert arson investigator
2002 Certified Accelerant K-9 Handler and introduced the first Accelerant detection K-9 to Trumbull County
2008 Attended New Mexico Tech bomb school
2009 Became the Chief of the Trumbull County Fire Investigation Unit
2014 Retired from Champion FD as Lieutenant /firefighter/paramedic
2015 Retired from Trumbull County Fire Investigation Unit
2015 Started part time working for State-Borowski FH
2018 License cremator operator
2019 Became crematory operator/manager for Staton – Borowski FH

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