Name: Daniel Suttles
City of Residence: Brookfield
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Office Desired: Brookfield Township Trustee

Why should you be elected?
I would like to expand the ability for our residents to be involved in township government.  I have opened multiple lines of communication to have greater transparency in our township, and I have seen greater participation due to that.  I will strive to continue to encourage our citizens to be informed about issues involving our township.

What are your top three priorities if elected?
Since we are continuing to eliminate blight in our township through working with the county land bank, COG, and Trumbull County, my three main priorities for the next four years, if I am fortunate enough to serve the citizens of Brookfield Township would be to expand lines of communication with the citizens, to seek funds to repair township roads, and to encourage public input in making capital improvements.

1. Expand lines of communication:  Utilizing a multi-faceted approach that includes technology, social media, print, and other forms of media, I want to have informed citizens who participate in the township and whose voices are heard.  The electronic sign at the green will be updated with relevant information.  I will also use Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter, in person “Talk with a Trustee” neighborhood meetings, the local News on the Green newspaper, other local news media, as well, to reach as many of our citizens as possible.  The more people know about what is going on in local government, the more involved they become, and the more I can be a representative of those people.

2. Many of our township roads are in disrepair and in dire need of resurfacing.  I will seek out funding to repair these roads including leveraging township money with Issue I projects to get more done.  If we need to look for a road levy, a specific list of the projects that need addressed with an estimated completion date will be available to the citizens prior to any levy being placed on the ballot.  This way they will be informed about which roads will be repaired and when.

3. I will also seek public input on ARP monies for capital improvements to determine what the needs are in Brookfield Township.  These are public funds that should be spent wisely for the betterment of our community.  The citizens should have a voice in those decisions.

I am graduate of Brookfield High School, and spent 39 years in the fire service, retiring as an Asst. Chief from the city of Warren Fire Department.  I have been a trustee in Brookfield Township for the past four years, and attended the Ohio Township Association Leadership Academy during that time.  I am also a veteran of the United States Air Force.  

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