YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The issue drawing widespread attention this election cycle is whether or not to establish an amendment to the Ohio Constitution, removing many of the current restrictions on reproductive rights.

Lauren Blauvelt with Ohioans for Reproductive Rights says it’s the only way to stop the ban on abortion in Ohio.

“Pass Issue 1. Voting yes is the only way to protect our personal medical decisions,” she said.

Among those seen as leading the effort to defeat the issue is none other than Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. He claims the amendment would permit abortions at any point.

“Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, it just goes much too far and just does not fit for the majority of Ohioans,” DeWine said.

One area of contention is whether or not the measure would allow teenagers to get abortions without telling their parents.

“Young people under 18 in Ohio do have to have parental consent for an abortion as well as other medical procedures, and that does not change,” Blauvelt said.

However, the Governor believes the amendment’s language is intentionally broad.

“You could make a pretty good argument that requiring parental notification is an interference with the right to an abortion,” DeWine said.

Not surprisingly, both sides take opposing views on how the amendment could change the state’s political landscape if it passes.

“We will become sort of a magnet because we will have the most liberal laws there are,” DeWine said.

If the issue fails, supporters claim women will have to leave the state to receive care.

“We know that it will. We know so many tragic stories already, and we know that that will happen,” Blauvert said.

Regardless of the outcome, DeWine said the courts will ultimately have a say.