(WKBN) – The Associated Press has declared Mike Loychik the winner in the Ohio House 65th District primary race.

Loychik currently represents the old 63rd District. He served in the U.S. Air Force for eight years and is a small business owner and family man.

“It was a huge win. I’m super appreciative of the supporters of the 65th District. I’m super supportive of everybody that let me put a yard sign in. I talked to a lot of people, knocking on their doors, and you know what, it’s a big win, it’s a big win in general. So I’m super happy, super happy. I’m really appreciative and humbled by the percentage,” said Loychik.

Loychik discussed what he thinks helped him win.

“I think what it was, was going out and talking to voters, I really do. Knocking on their doors and that’s what I continue to do and seeing their issues change all the time. So you know what? I think that’s what it was,” said Loychik.

Loychik beat out Randy Law and will face Jennifer Donnelly, who’s running as an independent, in November.

Loychik says should he be reelected, his priorities include infrastructure revitalization, workforce development and help for mental health issues including the opioid epidemic.

“You know what, it starts out with the basics — infrastructure development, workforce development, mental health. The reason I ran for this position is our kids, our future generation. So mental health and also our kids and our future generations,” said Loychik. “We won it tonight, we’ll move forward in the future. We’re gonna win in November too.”