(WKBN) – The Associated Press has declared a winner in the primary race for Ohio’s 59th District.

Lauren McNally beat out Ronald Shadd, John Rice and Wayne Penny, Jr. for the nod.

McNally said she wants to move from Youngstown City Council to have a larger impact.

“This was one of the oddest election cycles I’ve ever seen with all the unknowns between the dates, the districts, the constituency. I just really tried to push forward and wanted to push forward because I know Ohio can be better than it is and I want to be a part of getting us there.”

Will McNally continue to campaign the same way for Nov.?

“I’m going to continue to campaign the same way I have been and that is just really focusing on the issues at hand that I want to try and get y message out to as many voters as I possibly can and hope that it resonates with those voters and that they come out to the ballot box because they agree with the things that I’m talking about. I also want to make sure I’m trying to listen to the issues of the many constituencies as I can, hear the issues that they have at hand that I can hope to address when I’m down in Columbus,” said McNally.

She also spoke of some of the main issues she’s heard during her campaign.

“Some of those big issues are schools, gun legislation, the Roe v. Wade issue that’s going on right now. They’re a lot of common sense issues. People just want common-sense legislation that’s going to work for our families, that’s going to work for our businesses. We’ve gotten away from just cooperating with each other down in Columbus and that’s something we need to get back to so that we can just get the work done that gets Ohio back to where we should be as a state,” said McNally.

McNally said in the past she is pro-choice and wants to focus on education. She’s also in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana.