2020 Candidate for House Rep., Ohio’s 13th District: Christina Hagan

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2020 Candidate for the House of Representatives: Christina Hagan

Name: Christina Hagan
City of Residence: Alliance
Party Affiliation: Republican

Why should you be elected?
I am a working-class mother and wife who has put myself through college, spent eight years in public service as the youngest woman to serve in the history of the Ohio House of Representatives, and am still working passionately to make a positive change in this country while raising three young children alongside my husband Adam.
As a state legislator, I balanced multiple state budgets without raising taxes. During my first year in office, we cut state spending by 17% and, over the lifetime of my tenure, reduced taxes by billions of dollars. I was able to work with my colleagues to provide more money for schools, reduce the cost of healthcare, and help create an environment where hundreds of thousands of new jobs could thrive in Ohio.
I want to take this no-nonsense, conservative approach to Washington DC. We can get back to balanced budgets if we are smart on reducing unnecessary spending and cutting taxes.
Additionally, I have always been a fierce defender of our police, military, and public safety personnel. My husband Adam and my brothers are firefighters, EMTs and paramedics which is why I am concerned for their safety each day. While rioting was rampant in the streets across America this year, I watched in disbelief as my opponent viciously demeaned the brave men and women on our police forces this year. The people of Ohio’s 13th Congressional District can rest assured that I will fight for our police, fire, military, and first responders every single day. They deserve a representative who will stand up for them and will put the safety and security of every neighborhood in America first.

What are your top three priorities if elected?
Three main priorities:
My first priority would be to revive the economy in Northeast Ohio, which is still lagging behind the nation in economic growth. We also have not done enough to bring back manufacturing jobs to our region or train unemployed workers with new skills. There are easy common-sense solutions that we can achieve to fix this problem.
As your next Congresswoman, I will work to make Trump’s middle-class tax cuts permanent. I will also push forward a skills-retraining program that will help put 600,000 Americans back in the workforce annually and will be paid for with a 10 percent remittance tax. I will put forward a bill that will make it illegal for companies that offshore jobs overseas to receive government contracts. Most importantly, I will sponsor an infrastructure bill that will help move Northeast Ohio into the 21st Century and bring back 35,000 manufacturing jobs to the state of Ohio.
The infrastructure bill will be my second main priority. The state of Ohio, especially our congressional district, is in desperate need of better roads. I will reach across the aisle to make a comprehensive infrastructure bill that will deliver to this region. The bill will be expensive, and one option to pay for the costs would be to reallocate funds we’re currently spending in Afghanistan and put them towards rebuilding our own country. According to research from Brown University, the direct cost of being in Afghanistan was about $52 billion in 2019, alone.
As President Trump continues to make inroads in ending that war, Congress should begin reallocating money equivalent to at least $300 billion from Afghanistan to the US over the next decade. This will allow us to nation-build at home instead of abroad.
Regulatory Reform is also an important area we need to tackle. I would start by supporting President Trump’s executive order creating a regulatory moratorium on new agency regulations. I would support requiring each federal agency to prepare a list of all of the regulations they impose on American businesses, ranking them from most critical to American’s health and safety to least critical. I would help lead the charge to repeal the least critical regulations in order to reign in the abuse and excessiveness of the federal government. I would advocate for and support the President’s intentions to remove bureaucrats and replace them with experts who know how to create jobs.

Christina Hagan is a native of Alliance, Ohio. A Business graduate of Malone University, Christina went on to serve four terms in the Ohio State House, where she was the state’s most vocal advocate for Ohio’s ‘Heartbeat bill.’ In 2016, she was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 for her legislative work on restoring Ohio’s reputation as a national economic leader by working to create a better business climate to sustain a robust private-sector job market. She was also asked to serve as an Ohio TV and radio surrogate on the successful presidential campaign of President Donald J. Trump, who carried her state by over 8% and her county by over 17%. After wrapping up a strong re-election campaign to the Ohio Statehouse, Hagan was asked to become an international delegate for the American Council of Young Political Leaders. As the next Congresswoman from Ohio’s 13th district, Hagan will focus on creating a better business climate, fixing our Nation’s broken healthcare system, securing our Nation’s borders, supporting a merit-based immigration system, and defending the lives of the unborn.

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