2020 Candidate for Trumbull County Commissioner: Mauro Cantalamessa

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2020 Candidate for Trumbull County Commissioner: Mauro Cantalamessa

Name: Mauro Cantalamessa
City of Residence: Warren
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Office Desired: Trumbull County Commissioner

Why should you be elected?
As a lifelong resident of Trumbull County, I have a vested interest in the future of our community. As a small business owner and a father to a six-year old boy that interest has only grown stronger and more personal.  Ever since graduating college my goal has been to serve others.  That is evident in the time I was a public-school teacher, to the civic organizations I have belonged (i.e. Rotary Club, Meals on Wheels, AHEPA, Knights of Columbus), and as a current Trumbull County office holder.  I believe that each of us has a moral and social responsibility to give back and make this community the best that it can possibly be.  
I am running again for Trumbull County Commissioner to utilize my unique skillset that is the culmination of my experiences. On the one hand I have been a small business owner that has had to make payroll, manage inventory, and ultimately, turn a profit.  On the other hand, I have worked with young adults in the classroom and been a member of one of the most powerful and influential labor unions in the country. That sort of diverse experience allows me to approach every consequential decision or cast every vote with diverse insight.  

What are your top three priorities if elected?
My personal goals if re-elected are simple. 1) I will continue to lead the county with fiscal conservancy and fiscal responsibility as a top priority. Trumbull County has been able to operate and maintain service through some lean economic times. We have streamlined services and adjusted employer cash dividends. Under my watch we have held the line on the sales tax and Trumbull County remains at the bottom fourth of all 88 counties when it comes to sales tax rate. Put simply, this equates to more money in the pockets for residents and families. 2) We will continue to operate transparently and openly. Trumbull County was one of the first to sign up for Ohiocheckbook.com which tracks government spending. I will personally continue to make sure that proper bidding procedures are adhered to and contracts are awarded solely based on fairness and merit. 3) I will continue to focus on economic development. My record is clear when it comes to business attraction and retention. Whether it is streamlining our building inspection department to become more business friendly, or installing necessary utilities to EPA consent decree areas, or working with our economic development partners to save thousands of jobs in the Golden Triangle (the states largest small manufacturing cluster right her in Trumbull County. I remain committed to working with existing businesses and using every tool available to attract new investment.

Mauro Cantalamessa
Professional Summary:
An experienced county executive, elected twice, with six years in government management, a private sector business background and an academic background in education.
• Versatile and Comprehensive Leadership
• Budget Management
• Project Development
• Community Representative
• Strategic Planning
• Logistics Operations
The public administrative body for county government and authority included, but not limited to, taxing, purchasing, budgeting, and appropriating.
• Led and supported investment projects totaling more than 4 billion and adding 3,995 new jobs from 2014 to present
• Voted against an additional sales tax increase in 2014 maintaining one of the lowest sales tax rates in the state with no interruption in services
• Continue to keep taxes low and services provided through lean economic times, including the current COVID-19 pandemic
• Oversaw the Blueprint to Prosperity Project, the largest waterline project in Trumbull County history and the highest rated project by the Ohio EPA in 2017
• Secured funding for 4 million for county jail electrical and safety improvements
• Helped procure 1.6 million to sheriff’s department to assist 911 department with MARCS radio system to keep first responders safer and allow better communication
• Provided necessary funding for dog kennel renovation and improvements and currently exploring mandatory spay and neuter program
• Oversaw 50 million dollars in sanitary sewer and water line construction; many of which were in EPA consent decree areas
• Contributed to county HSTS Program, the home sewage treatment program providing financial relief to homeowner replacing their septic systems
• Collaborated successfully with townships and Youngstown Warren Air Reserve Station on the Joint Land Use Study, promoting growth and sustainability to one of the valley’s largest employers
• Supported Region-wide Broadband feasibility study exploring how best technological services can be expanded in both rural and urban sections of the county
• Stabilized and revitalized our Western Reserve Port Authority after years of controversy by appointing new board members
• Stood up for seniors allowing greater accountability and efficiency through a more inclusive and transparent transit system
• Led effort to partner with WRTA on a potential comprehensive regional transportation matrix
• Supported the creation of the Mahoning Valley Opportunity Zone Prospectus, with 6 of the 15 sites located in Trumbull County
• Assisted in the creation of the Mahoning Valley Rail Commission to explore and examine future railroad challenges throughout the region, after class 1 railroad requested to abandon 14 miles of rail line that runs from Newton Falls through Warren
• Worked with the Trumbull County Metroparks on 18 miles of new bike trail
Coordinate and manage operations including scheduling, hiring, inventory, and customer service.
Implemented curriculum in alignment with district and state standards in order to facilitate learning and exceed learning goals and raise test scores.
• Major: English
• Minor: History
• Major: Grades (7-12)
Professional and Community Organizations
• County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO)
• National Association of Counties (NACO)
• Trumbull County Landbank
• Trumbull County Racial Health Disparities Subcommittee
• Rotary International Club of Warren
• Knights of Columbus 13620 Vienna Council
• AHEPA Zeus 88
Skills & Abilities
· Bringing private sector management experience to county government in cross-training employees, sharing services, and regionalizing as ways to accomplish more with less.
· Initiated more transparent and inclusive hiring policies and implemented the states Transparency Initiative known as ohiocheckbook.gov  
· Held line on increase of sales tax and helped create the Shop Trumbull County Campaign that continues to revenue and educates citizens on the importance of keeping tax dollars local.

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