2020 Candidate for Pennsylvania State Treasurer: Timothy Runkle

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2020 Candidate for Pennsylvania State Treasurer: Timothy Runkle

Name: Timothy Runkle
City of Residence: Elizabethtown
Party Affiliation: Green
Office Desired: State Treasurer

Why should you be elected?
I believe we all have a duty of public service to our community and that we can best govern ourselves through direct democracies. Unfortunately, the structure of our political institutions are built in a way that restrict the majority of people from service. I am motivated to put light on the obstructions that prevent a people powered system of government and how the deficiencies of our present institutions fail us all to the benefit of an elite few.

What are your top three priorities if elected?
1) We must prepare the Commonwealth for a Green New Deal that redefines our economy as sustainable, equitable, and coexistent with a healthy environment. Subsidizing the fossil fuels industry with state grants and tax breaks must stop and we must put an end to the practice of fracking for shale gas. New metrics of economic health must replace the gross domestic product and include consideration for indigenous rights, restoration of peoples of color, be supportive of labor, and be respectfully to the preservation of lands for future generation.
2) We must update our tax code to allow for an equitable graduated tax rate structure and address loopholes in corporate taxes. It’s time that we repeal the ‘uniformity clause’ in the PA Constitution allowing for an increased tax rate on income from wealth while lowering the tax on wages and interest. We must institute ‘combined reporting’ for the corporate net income tax to close the Delaware Loophole that allows out of state corporations to escape Pennsylvania taxes.
3) Our priorities must include efforts to prevent violent crime and address the legitimate needs of victims, while addressing the socio-economic root causes of crime and practicing policies that prevent recidivism. We can end cash bail, place a ban on private prisons and ensure prison conditions are human and sanitary. We should establishing programs to strengthen self-help and community action through neighborhood centers that provide legal aid, alternative dispute-resolution practices, mediated restitution, community team policing, and access to local crisis/assault care shelters. We need independent civilian review boards with subpoena power to investigate complaints about prison guard and community police behavior.

Timothy Runkle graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology. He currently works in the environmental consulting industry as a Senior Project Manager resolving client risks and liabilities while ensuring the protection of human health and the environment. His field of expertise involves complex environmental problems that require a firm handle of regulatory, business, and stakeholder knowledge.
Tim has worked on projects that increase the accessibility of the average person to obtain elected office. As an energetic follower of public legislation, Tim is a frequent contributor to newspapers circulating in central Pennsylvania. His letters to the editor intend to alarm readers about our legislative actions with a focus on peace, justice, ecology, and democracy.

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