2020 Candidate for House Rep., Ohio’s 13th District: Michael Fricke

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2020 Candidate for State Rep., 13th District: Michael Fricke

Name: Michael Fricke
City of Residence: Kent
Party Affiliation: Libertarian
Education: BS Chemistry Ohio State 1997 BA Political Science Ohio State 1998 PhD Chemistry University of Cincinnati 2004
Occupation: Senior Scientist

Training/Experience: Became a Buckeye, majored in chemistry and political science, baseball umpire for 18 years, learned the piano, loved and lost, joined the Chi Phi fraternity, worked a summer in Alaska, sold snow skis and skied 33 days in a year, became a wilderness first responder, graduated Ohio State with a BS and a BA, 7000 mile road trip after graduation, grad school at the University of Cincinnati for six years, hiked the Inca Trail, PhD in arsenic, 8 trips to Europe to present my research, Oak Ridge Fellow for 4 years, toured with Phish, learned the bass, visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia, taught the blind, learned from the blind, started a design firm, moved to the east coast then back to Ohio, invented the Frickey, got engaged in India, got married and had two boys, started woodworking, joined a band, 15 year career in pharma, sold my side business, moved to Alabama, flipped a house, moved back to Ohio, went to Jordan to start a lab, ran Ohio’s first cannabis lab, got married to the love of my life, moved next to a lake and got a flotilla of kayaks, went back into pharma and built two more labs, rehired twice by former bosses, became chair of the Akron American Chemical Society, did the analytical development for the leading candidate for a COVID-19 therapy and ran for US Congress as a Libertarian.

Given our experience with Covid-19, what precautions would you put in place to allow for safe, secure elections whereby voters are not choosing between their health and their right to vote, especially in November? Include how you would fund any necessary precautions and changes.
I recently celebrated my birthday and had to renew my auto registration and get the eCheck. The technician asked me to wait behind my vehicle and then climbed in my car and connected his machine under my dash. I thought to myself if the state can come into my vehicle during a pandemic, I can walk into a building and cast my ballot like citizen of that state. The option to request an absentee ballot is sufficient protection for voters in November. My bigger concern is the ability to vote in person which I consider the minimal requirement of living in a democracy.

Describe what you have done to work across political differences to solve problems and foster trust with the voters you represent.
One of the reasons I am running for office is a response to the polarity of politics in America. I cherish my ability to vote and I study the issues and struggle with my decisions. I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats and have always been proud to be a swing voter in a swing state. The last few elections I have noticed the swing voter has become a dying breed. Politicians don’t speak to the middle anymore, all of their efforts are spent only riling up their base. This has led to an inability to work with the other side or even talk to the other side. I represent a different way to do things; a revolution from the middle.

How would you address immigration policy?
The United States does not have an immigration issue, America has a drug war refugee crisis. If we end the War on Drugs, the civil wars in Central and South America will wind down and people won’t be forced to leave their homes. I would also eliminate entitlements which attract immigrants and dis-incentivize both immigrants and citizens from working. Once these two issues are addressed, I favor minimizing restrictions that allow foreign visitors to come to America as tourists or guest workers.

Where do you stand on efforts to protect our water, air and land?
I did my post-doctoral research with the US EPA and consider myself to be an environmentalist. Environmental action has had many successes including the improvements in the Cuyahoga River over many years. I am also aware of the consequences of poor environmental stewardship.

What legislation, if any, would you suggest to address gun safety?
A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

What solutions do you propose to address challenges in the healthcare system, women’s reproductive rights and maternal and child health?
I fully support women’s reproductive rights. I favor a free market approach to health care solutions. One reason is the success of Lasik surgery. This is an elective surgery and no insurance covers the procedure. Operating completely in a free market system, the price of Lasik has dropped while service has improved.

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