Election November 2017: Mark J. Kolmacic

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Name: Mark J. Kolmacic

City of Residence: Campbell, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Office Desired: Judge of the Campbell Municipal CourtWhy should you be elected

I have served two terms as the City’s Law Director, prosecuting criminal and traffic matters in the Campbell Municipal Court and advising all departments of city government of their legal rights and responsibilities. I have served as the acting judge of the Campbell Court after having fulfilled the educational requirements of the Ohio Supreme Court Judicial College. Further, I have handled matters privately in the Campbell Court. Therefore, I have developed a unique perspective of the operation of the Court from both sides of the bench. My opponent cannot say that.

I have practiced law for over 35 years, much of the time at the municipal court level. The first 13 years of my practice were with my father, Joseph Kolmacic, who was the very first Judge of the Campbell Municipal Court. He was elected in 1964, the year the Court was created. I admired and respected my father and believe he instilled in me an innate sense of justice and respect for the law.

I worship at Christ the Good Shepherd Parish which is a combination of the 4 Catholic parishes in Campbell. I graduated from St. John’s Elementary School in Campbell and from Ursuline High School. I believe that my Catholic faith and education defines my moral compass. If given the opportunity, I will be a fair, honest, and impartial judge. I have the education, experience and moral conviction to do so.Top three priorities

One of my top priorities is to address the issue of courtroom security. Merely locking the door to the courtroom while the Court is in session only serves to deny an individual his right to an open and public trial. Placing a security officer at the door on the eve of the election is a temporary patch that is of little affect and comes too late. There has already been at least one avoidable tragedy, that must never reoccur. The Supreme Court’s assessment of the Campbell Municipal Court’s security was conducted nearly 10 years ago, yet little has been done to comply with their recommendations. These issues must be immediately addressed given today’s tumultuous times to ensure the safety of not only the Court and its employees but also the visiting public.

Another priority is to complete the computerization of the Court and Clerk’s office. With many court’s going paperless with electronic filing, an individual should at least be able to confirm a hearing date by viewing the Court’s electronic docket. An assessment against court costs was imposed as far back as 1999, so ample funds should be available to complete the task unless these monies have been spent on employee salaries.

Finally, I plan to put forth a concerted effort to restore faith and confidence in a system that has recently been tarnished by the unwarranted actions of a few individuals and to right any injustices either real or perceived to protect our citizens’ constitutional rights and to reinforce the rule of law.Biography

• Born September 13, 1957. Age 60

• Married with 3 children and 2 grandchildren

• Life-long resident of Campbell, Ohio

• 1975 graduate of Ursuline High School

• 1979 graduate of Bowling Green State University

• 1982 graduate of The Capital University School of Law

• Member of the Ohio State and Mahoning County Bar Associations

• Licensed to practice law in all courts of the State of Ohio, including the Federal District Court for the Northeastern District of Ohio

• Engaged in the private practice of law for 36 years

• Elected to two terms as Director of Law for the City of Campbell

• Prosecuted criminal and traffic matters for the City of Campbell and Coitsville Township *Previously served as acting judge of the Campbell Municipal Court after having met the educational requirements of the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College.


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