Election November 2017: Erik Linebaugh

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Name: Erik Linebaugh

City of Residence: Columbiana

Party Affiliation: Independent/Registered Republican

Office Desired: Mayor of ColumbianaFacebook:Erik LinebaughWhy should you be elected

I believe that the City of Columbiana needs a Mayor that will uphold the Charter as written and not use the position for personal agenda. With my management experience and background I will keep the order in Council to get results on real issues the city has.Top three priorities

1) Restore the City’s Government back to how the Charter outlines it.

2) Work with Council and Planning commission and city Manager to build a second Industrial Park.

3) Revitalize the City’s downtown by attracting businesses that will be unique to Columbiana an help the city grow.Biography

• I am 45 years old and a graduate from Boardman High School.

• I come from a humble, modest, middle class background. My father was a Police Officer, Steel mill electrician and a United States Air Force veteran. My mother was a homemaker for most of my childhood.

• I work in the structural steel and pipe industry as a Fitter/Welder. I work on components for buildings at the present and have worked for the oil and gas industry in the recent past.

• I have also been in or working with management at most of the companies that I have worked for. My job entails mainly of troubleshooting, problem solving and efficiency on a daily basis while being cost effective and quality driven.

• I am a loving father of two children and a loving husband to my wife Linda of 7 years. Columbiana has become part of who we are as a family.

• I look forward to watching my children grow in this community and become the individuals that God intended them to be.

• We as a family plan to be residents and servants in Columbiana for years to come. Myself along with Linda are actively involved in many activities here in Columbiana.

• We attend First Christian Church of Columbiana, participate in Cub Scout Pack 16 with our son, Columbiana Youth Baseball, Laurie Wilms Memorial Run and Pay it Forward Toy Drive just to name a few.

• I have recently joined the Sons of American Legion at post 290 Columbiana.

• I enjoy singing, playing music and performing at our local theater as well as praise team at church.

• I do photography as a hobby and love helping those in need.


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