Election May 2019: Mark Ragozine

Mark Ragozine is running for Council At-Large, City of Girard

Name: Mark Ragozine
City of Residence: Girard
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Office Desired: Council At-Large, City of Girard

Why I should be elected
As a member of Girard City Council since 2018, representing the city’s 1st Ward, I believe that I have gained the requisite experience to be able to take the knowledge and skills that I have acquired and apply them towards a role representing the entire city. If elected, I will continue to work hard and focus on the issues that require our immediate attention, while also pursuing the issues that my constituents are most concerned about. I plan to continue to work closely alongside the city’s administration and my colleagues on city council to ensure that we are getting the job done.

Top three priorities
1) Infrastructure – One of my main priorities is always going to be investing back into the City of Girard to ensure our long-term sustainability. If elected to the position of Council At-Large, I will continue to work closely with the city’s Administration and Council to pursue initiatives that place an emphasis on infrastructure. This includes working to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the city’s public water system, while also funding the maintenance and repair of vital components that keep the system functioning at a high level. Furthermore, we will continue to improve the condition of Girard’s roadways, while addressing areas in critical need of attention in a timely fashion. By regularly investing in infrastructure, the city will continue to offset the potential of major repairs in the future.

2) Recreation – Perhaps now more than ever before, it is very important for municipalities to continue to support their parks and recreational facilities. By beautifying these properties, we can encourage more activity and engagement from the community, particularly as it relates to our local youth sports leagues such as baseball, basketball, soccer, and softball for example. Over the past several years, significant investment has been made into Girard/Liberty Memorial Park to not only make it more accessible through the repaving of the park’s roadways, but also through enhancing the beauty of the park by clearing excess debris and overgrowth. I highlight the importance of these initiatives in Girard/Liberty Memorial Park, as I will continue to be a supporter of similar action in all the city’s parks and recreational facilities if elected to the position of Council At-Large.

3) Economic Development – At the center of nearly every local government’s priorities is economic development. This is no different in the City of Girard, as we are consistently entertaining and exploring opportunities that will be advantageous for the citizens of our community. If elected to the position of Council At-Large, I will seek appointment to council’s Economic Development Committee where I will focus on the ways in which we can improve our services to make the City of Girard more attractive for potential suitors. This includes both commercial and industrial developers, as we will attempt to be as accommodating as possible in working with the business community. It is important to continue to find new ways to develop and grow the City of Girard to ensure our long-term viability.

As a lifetime resident of the city of Girard, I am seeking the opportunity to represent our community in the position of Council At-Large. If elected, I will continue to work tirelessly to produce positive results for the City of Girard and aim to make decisions that will benefit everyone. As the current 1st Ward Councilman, I have worked extensively on a variety of issues, gaining valuable knowledge and experience that I will carry with me if elected to the position of Council At-Large. I am a 2007 graduate of Girard High School, a 2016 graduate of Youngstown State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and a 2018 graduate of Ohio University with a master’s degree in Public Administration. My education and experience in government have provided me with a sound perspective for the community grounded in strong principles. In choosing to vote for Mark Ragozine, one can be assured that they are seeking to elect an individual who will be wholeheartedly dedicated to contributing mightily towards the growth and development of our great city.

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