Election May 2019: Benjamin Kyle

Benjamin Kyle is running for Hubbard Mayor

Name: Benjamin Kyle
City of Residence: Hubbard
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Office Desired: Mayor
Facebook: Ben Kyle for Mayor

Why I should be elected
I have always viewed public service as a trust and a gift. It is an honor to serve. Public service is an important part of my life and I want my children to understand how important it is to be a part of something that is bigger than just yourself, that it is important to be a part of positive change. One of the many reasons I am running for Mayor of Hubbard is to set that example for my children and the next generation of leaders in our community.

The City of Hubbard is at a turning point and the results of this mayoral election will be a strong factor in the future of our city. There are numerous opportunities for the City of Hubbard that can be achieved with the right planning but most importantly with the right leadership. I believe that I am the candidate with the visionary leadership that can identify what those opportunities are and bring them to realization for the citizens of Hubbard.

I have been involved in City Government since 2013 and I have helped to facilitate a large degree of positive change in the city. Since I took over as Chairman of the Finance Committee, as a City Councilman at Large, we have been able to do more with less. We have increased our investment in public works programs and day to day operations within the city providing for its citizens. While at the same time, we have received less money through local government funds and reduced revenues from income taxes.

My experiences as well as my plans for the City of Hubbard give me the background and depth of knowledge needed not only to run the city effectively but to ensure that our citizens have the best possible quality of life and opportunities for economic prosperity.

I am passionate about the bright future of Hubbard and in order for Hubbard to move onto its next phase of prosperity we need a strong leader. I believe that I am that leader and the best candidate to provide the needed planning, experience, knowledge and dedication for the city of Hubbard.

Top three priorities
1) FAMILIES – My family has been a part of the Hubbard community for over seventy years. I am proud to be the fourth generation of the Kyle family to carry on our tradition of serving the community. As a businessman I have been involved in the community of Hubbard for over fifteen years, have a long term stake in this community, and want to see us prosper for generations to come. As a community leader I have been involved in numerous charitable organizations working to help the community, such as The Hubbard Community Fund, Rotary Club of Hubbard and Hubbard Public Library Levy Committee; which was successfully passed in 2010. My vision for our community includes improving quality of life issues such as improving our already reliable utilities and city services. Also, ensuring that our Police and Fire Departments are adequately funded and given every opportunity to succeed in order to protect and serve the entire population of Hubbard. Along with this, I will work with our Police and Fire Departments to continually improve and look for ways to integrate new technologies and training techniques. A main priority I believe of any candidate for mayor, in cities such as Hubbard, should be to benefit FAMILIES by focusing on neighborhood stabilization. It is something that I am passionate about because Hubbard has historically been viewed as a desirable place to live due to its small-town charm. However, with the increased job losses that we have experienced there has been a considerable downturn within our neighborhoods. My plan would be to work with Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, our local civic leaders, and our City Transformation Team (CTT, our Police Chaplin’s) to help clean up abandoned houses, increase code enforcement, and get our residents the assistance that they need to improve their quality of life and put the pride back into our neighborhoods. We would apply for the funds through The Community Development Block Grant Program and continue using the established Community Housing Improvement Program that we share with Niles and Girard. One of the other projects to help benefit the families of Hubbard would be to update our Utility Billing System in the City of Hubbard. I would commission multiple rate studies to simplify billing statements and ultimately achieve the lowest possible rates for the consumers. I would also investigate new software programs and modernize the billing statements and payment options. All of this will dramatically update our out of date Utility Billing System.

2) DEVELOPMENT – As far as development, I would focus on both infrastructure and economic development. We need to be able to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that our infrastructure can handle the demands of our residents and also the demands that the expanding business community would place on it. The city of Hubbard has the perfect opportunity to encourage business growth with our great location and transportation structure already in place. Our residents have a great work ethic and are eager for new job opportunities. For these reasons, Hubbard would be a desirable place for potential new businesses that want to relocate/expand here in the Valley. I would achieve my next priority, DEVELOPMENT in the City of Hubbard, by addressing one of the largest problems that we are facing, the loss of jobs over the past five to ten years. I will work with the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments and other local entities to promote our community to begin the process of filling the empty manufacturing buildings here in Hubbard. One of my first major projects would be to put together a blended funding package to build a second water tower to service our residents, businesses and safety forces. We currently have a single main transmission line that feeds an aging tank which is a cause for concern. There is always a chance of a catastrophic event or, once our business sector has been revitalized, a significant demand upon our water system. Creating a funding package will alleviate the burden from our operating budget. This package can be put together by applying for assistance through the Ohio Public Works Commission, Ohio EPA and several other possible grants, depending on their requirements. This project will jump start the investment in our infrastructure, along with our continual road resurfacing program, and show businesses that we have the ability and infrastructure in place to promote ourselves and remind everyone that Hubbard is open for business.

3) EDUCATION – The backbone to any community is a successful public school system. As Mayor, I would fully support our school in all aspects, just as I did as a City Councilman at Large. I proposed legislation that ultimately lead to Hubbard School’s first Student Resource Officer (SRO), in 2018.

A solid public education system is of the utmost importance to any prospering community. Which is why I’ve been an active member of the Hubbard School Levy Committee, serving as the Chairman of Community Outreach for the past two levies. In this position I was on the ground talking to the residents regarding relevant issues for the school and the city.

My third priority of EDUCATION would be achieved by focusing on school safety. School safety is of the utmost importance. Creating a safe learning environment is key to the growth and education of any young child. As stated, we currently have a Student Resource Office (SRO) in place, but now we need to expand upon our safety measures within the school. After consulting with other law enforcement agencies and school districts throughout the county, it is evident that a great working relationship between the city, the police department and the school administration is necessary for the success of the safety program and ultimately the success of the school’s students. Through the Ohio Drug Use Prevention Grant we would be able to secure funding to put in place a D.A.R.E. program and expand our drug use prevention education program presented by School Resource Officers. The administrations of both the city and police department would utilize the Ohio Attorney General’s local law enforcement grants and other applicable law enforcement based grants/funding. By working together we would be able to secure the funding to purchase the necessary equipment and technological upgrades that would be essential for our police department and SROs to adequately protect our students and school system.

Being a lifelong resident of Hubbard, I believe that there is no place better to work and raise a family. With the high quality of life this community offers, it is here that I chose to start my family with my wife, Sable, and children, Greyson and Sophia. It is also here that I have continued in my family business as a fourth-generation funeral director at Stewart-Kyle Funeral Home in Hubbard. I am a graduate of Hubbard High School (2000), Youngstown State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (2004), Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, Diploma Program (2006), and have completed course work at Youngstown State University in the Masters of Business Administration Program.

I served as the First Ward Councilman in the City of Hubbard from 2013-2016 as Chairman of the Finance Committee and member of Parks & Recreation Board. I then served as City Councilman at Large for the City of Hubbard from 2017 to present as Chairman of the Finance Committee, Economic Development Committee member and Planning & Zoning Committee member. I also served as the President of the Trumbull County Young Democrats from 2016 -2018 and the Membership Secretary for the Ohio Young Democrats from 2015 – 2017.

I have been an active member of the Community in both the City of Hubbard and all of Trumbull County the entirety of my adult life. I am the Vice President and Chairman of Finance for the Hubbard Community Fund, the Community Outreach Director for the Hubbard School Levy Committee, Rotary Club of Hubbard member, Chairman of the Board of the Senior Service Advisory Council (overseeing the Funds from the Trumbull County Senior Levy), Member of the Citizens Advisory Board of Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, Trumbull County Budget Review Committee member, Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber, Youngstown Air Reserve Base Community Council member, Niles Men’s Democrat Club member, Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley: Young Philanthropist Fund member, and Mahoning Valley Young Professionals member.

In my Professional Career I have worked at Stewart-Kyle Funeral home since 1998 and have been the Vice-President since 2009. I am also the owner of Kyle Monuments, located in Hubbard, which has been in operation since 2008. I have served the funeral industry in a leadership capacity as well as the Northeast Regional Director of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association from 2010 to 2015. As such, I represented hundreds of funeral homes as their liaison to the association. This position allowed me to serve on the executive board where I took direct action working with state legislators to protect the interests of the consumer as well as the funeral profession. I have also been a member of the Ohio Mortuary Operational Response Team (OMORT) and their Assistant IT Director since 2008, which is our state’s response team to any mass fatality.

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