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Election March 2016: Joseph R. DeMare

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Name: Joseph R. DeMare

City of Residence: Bowling Green

Party Affiliation: Green

Office Desired: United States should you be elected

Because it’s time to overthrow the “two” party system. I am a Green. That means I believe and uphold Ten Key Principles which include things like Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Non-Violence, and Feminism. I am a machinist, and it’s time we sent someone directly from the shop floor to the floor of the Senate. As a Green, I have not been through the process that turns good people into politicians. Greens do not accept money from corporations or corporate PAC’s. We represent the people who elect us, not the rich and powerful. The Earth is in peril, and it’s clear the two ordinary parties have no clue how to deal with our problems. Greens do. Vote Green in the March primary and the November election. It’s time.Top three priorities

1) Save the Earth. Thousands of environmental threats are destroying our planet. Nuclear power, climate change, acidification of our oceans, deforestation, fracking, mining, and many other human activities are making our planet less habitable every day. It’s time to stop.

2) Universal Single Payer Health Care. Thousands of Americans die every year because they can’t afford health care. Obamacare has tremendously increased health insurance company profits, but people are still losing their homes because of medical bills and insurance rates and deductibles are through the roof with no end in sight. We need one, government run, health care system like in France, Canada, Italy, or a hundred other countries, many of which have citizens that live longer, healthier lives than we Americans do.

3) Fight Social Injustice and Income Inequality. The root of many of our societal problems is too much money and power in the hands of too few people. Laws are being passe and regulations put in place every day that benefit the wealthy and powerful more and more while forcing the rest of us into deeper and deeper poverty. One reason is that the Senate, where the rules are made, is filled with wealthy and powerful people who are very good at taking more than their fair share of everything. It’s time to put someone into the Senate who isn’t wealthy, not a member of the elite, someone who understands what it’s like to work hard, and still have to struggle to pay the bills. We need to tax the wealthy and corporations more, and the average American less.Biography

Joe is someone who understands that it’s time for things to change. For too long, the wealthiest people and corporations have been in control of this country, and they have been putting into place laws and policies that benefit them, while hurting the majority of Americans. It’s time that changed.

Joe is not a member of the 1%. As a machine operator in an industrial ceramics factory, he has to work hard, but still has to budget every dollar to get through each month.

As the father of two young men in their 20’s, he’s someone who sees the challenges young people face today, trying to find good jobs that pay well. As a husband of thirty years, he understands the economic and social forces that are tearing families apart.

As an environmentalist, he is someone who’s horrified at the ecological damage being done by the Nation’s continued dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power. Fracking, off-shore drilling, leaking and cracked nuclear plants, pipelines, injection wells, and oil spills all need to be shut down, permanently.

As a Green, he understands that the best way to create a sustainable future is by getting involved in the political process, but not falling for the corporate and money traps that have so distorted our government. That’s why he will not accept any campaign contributions from corporations or corporate PAC’s.

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