CLIFTON PARK, NY (WTEN) – If you dine at Peddlers in Clifton Park, New York with your children and you’re the one driving home, you’ll be notified that you can only have one alcoholic drink.

Melisa Gravelle, GM of Peddlers Bar & Bistro, is gearing up for a busy summer but not forgetting about a policy she said is very close to her heart.

“We love children. Everybody loves children and children don’t have a voice.”

That’s one of the reasons Gravelle said the restaurant limits how much alcohol those dining with children can have.

“I could never live with myself knowing that I killed somebody driving. I could never do that…it’s a choice that you can avoid.”

Longtime Peddlers bartender Cheryl Faas said most times, it’s an easy policy to enforce.

“We believe in it that much where, you know, you just politely explain the policy and the nice thing is we explain it ahead of time.”

If you don’t abide by the policy, you will be asked to leave. Some waitresses take the brunt of those who disagree with the policy.

“They do get berated at the tables and some come back very upset,” Gravelle said. “The managers go to the table and they explain we’re not picking on parents, it’s just something that we feel in our hearts is something that we can do in order to help.”

Many customers enjoying their meals had no problem with the policy.

“Why take the chance? Definitely doesn’t make any sense. That way you keep those people off the road,” Greg Culver said.

“I’m a former educator and I think it’s a great policy,” Barb Buckley said. “When you think about the responsibility that a parent has to protect their children, I think it’s a great policy. I’m behind them 100 percent.”

Judy Peck said the rule is comforting.

“I now have a great granddaughter and I would love to think that her parents could only have one drink and then be able to go and drive.”

Legally, the restaurant does have the right to enforce their rule.

The policy has been in effect at the restaurant since 2010.