Demolition spree in Campbell long overdue, residents say


CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – Over the last three years, Campbell has intensified its focus on blight removal and the Mahoning County Land Bank has been a very integral part of that.

So much so, that it’s been able to help Campbell seize more than 100 abandoned properties, demolish more than 50 dilapidated houses and save dozens of homes through renovations.

Seventeen houses have been torn down this month and another 17 are set to be demolished in March.

Neighbors in the area couldn’t be happier.

“Finally, finally after so many years of complaining, it’s finally been done,” Karen Melnick said.

“This is well overdue. People have left Campbell — not because they wanted to, they had no choice. They got tired of rats and bums living in abandoned homes,” Sylvia Lampadarios said.

At a special city council meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Nick Phillips and members of the Mahoning County Land Bank talked about how to expand this demolition project.

Just in the last three years, between the city and the land bank, over $2 million worth of blighted properties have been taken down and removed.


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