Day of working as U.S. Marshal: Deputies don’t know what to expect

Deputies with the U.S. Marshal Violent Fugitive Task Force start their days by sharing paperwork about the suspects they’ll be hunting.

Then comes the action.

The first stop was at a home on Youngstown’s south side. They were dressed for whatever might happen — wearing helmets, body armor, shields and even a battering ram.

After searching the house from top to bottom — their suspect wasn’t there — it was off to the next location.

“The warrants from all different jurisdictions come in. We help Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana counties. That’s our main focus,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Keith Yauger.

Since the Task Force was established in 2003, more than 45,000 suspects have been arrested across northern Ohio — nearly a quarter of them in the Youngstown division.

Last year alone, 379 fugitives were picked up locally — 20 of them on murder warrants but also for assaults, robberies and weapons charges.

Last February, Marshals also helped round up people wanted on sex charges. 

“We have a full-time squad — Boardman Police Department, Mahoning County Sheriff’s and Youngstown Police Department,” Yauger said. 

On the particular day that WKBN tagged along, the team had two assigned part-time from the Adult Parole Authority and two full-time deputies with the Marshal Service. They were there during the ongoing government shutdown and are working without pay.

They surrounded a house on Catherine Street on the east side — two of them keeping watch in the yard while the others went in. All of them were in constant contact with one another.

Minutes later, they brought out Lorice Moore, wanted in the murder of Christopher Jackson last November.

Days later, he appeared in court on the charges.

Local police say the Task Force allows them to keep manpower focused on day-to-day operations while still having access to all the resources that the Marshal Service can use to apprehend dangerous suspects.

Yauger said they’re in place to help a lot of the smaller communities, which may not have the same resources. 

The Marshals credit the media for helping them find some of their suspects. lists their “Fugitives of the Week,” which generates tips from the community. 

“The local media, the TV stations, that exposure that gets out is tremendous, and it does help,” Yauger said. “We follow up on all our tips, and when you have a very bad guy out there, it helps get ’em in.” 

The following statistics are arrests made locally compared to the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force’s arrests: 

Total arrests: 

  • NOVFTF: 45,145
  • Youngstown division: 10,191

Homicide arrests: 

  • NOVFTF: 1,427
  • Youngstown division: 332

Sex offense arrests

  • NOVFTF: 4,068
  • Youngstown division: 578

Assault arrests: 

  • NOVFTF: 6,641
  • Youngstown division: 578

Robbery arrests: 

  • NOVFTF: 3,794
  • Youngstown division: 714

Weapon offense arrests: 

  • NOVFTF: 3,033
  • Youngstown division: 765

Total warrants cleared**:

  • NOVFTF: 66,151
  • Youngstown division: 15,420

** Warrants cleared is the total number of warrants executed as a result of an arrest. It is common for one fugitive to have multiple warrants. 

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