YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Dads and their kids decided to take advantage of the good weather for the first half of Sunday and spend their Father’s Day outside.

Many dad and son pairs spent the day fishing in Mill Creek Park. For Greg Snyder, the holiday gives him time to reflect on how much his son has grown.

“Very smart,” Snyder said. “He’s a really good boy.”

But for Greg’s son Nicholas, Father’s Day is all about some friendly competition with dad.

“I also look forward to catching fish — more fish than him at least,” Nicholas said.

Over at the Mill Creek Park Golf Course, some dads spent the day watching their sons and daughters fight to qualify in an American Junior Golf Association playoff. One dad said he couldn’t be prouder of his son’s performance.

“Every time he plays, he shocks me,” Harrison Lauer said. “And he shocked me again today. That was really cool. It’s a good Fathers Day present.”

Nick Lauer says his father means the world to him.

“The reason I’m into golf — the reason I’m into sports — and he supports me in everything I do,” Nick said.

Some people opted for something more nostalgic on this Father’s Day — like re-living memories at the Idora Park Experience in Canfield.

Boots Bell was an iconic DJ at Idora Park in the 1980s. His son celebrated his legacy Sunday.

“To be here on Fathers Day and to be commemorating my own father with people coming up and telling me stories that I never got to hear, you know, it’s just amazing to me,” Christopher Bell said. “He lives on.”