Youngstown crime activity: Cocaine, fentanyl, cash seized in traffic stop

Crimes reported between August 2-8

Thursday, August 2

5:28 p.m. - Cambridge Avenue, Dewain Watkins, 28, was charged with drug possession and driving under suspension following a traffic stop. According to a police report, police found a bag of cocaine and a bag of fentanyl in his pants. They also found a digital scale and over $1,000 in his car, the report stated. Police say during the arrest, Watkins told officers he was having a seizure and appeared to pass out. He was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital where a police hold was placed on him pending release. 

Friday, August 3

4:20 p.m. - David Grajieda, 50, was charged with drug possession, and Curtis Carson, 67, was issued a citation for having an open container of alcohol. According to a police report, officers were in the area investigating open container violations when they saw Grajieda putting his hands in his pockets. A search of his pants pocket uncovered cocaine inside of a folded piece of paper, according to police. Police said they found an open beer inside of Carson's jacket pocket. 

5:15 p.m. - 5th Street, Donald Cochran, 52, was charged with drug possession and driving under suspension following a traffic stop. According to a police report, a search of Cochran during a traffic stop uncovered a folded piece of paper in his pocket with suspected heroin inside. While in the police cruiser, officers said Cochran removed a piece of crack cocaine that he had in his shoe.

Saturday, August 4

3:40 a.m. - 2900 Hudson Ave., a woman told police that she was stopped in her vehicle by the two people. One of them put a gun to her head and the other suspect hit her in the head with a gun. 

10:46 a.m. - 2000 of Hillman St., Keith Leon Wade, 29, was charged with criminal trespass. A woman told police that when she woke up, she found a man she didn't know asleep on her couch. According to a police report, officers woke Wade up and he told them that he thought he was at his friend's house. He said he didn't know where he was or how he got there.

4:14 p.m. - Mahoning and Belle Vista avenues, Edward Tate, Jr. 23, was charged with menacing and drug possession. According to a police report, a man told police that Tate came into his house on N. Evanston Avenue, uninvited, and punched and kicked him in the face and stomach. Officers found Tate at a gas station on Mahoning Avenue, where he was arrested. A search of Tate's car uncovered crack cocaine in the passenger door, the report stated. 

6:36 p.m. - 3500 block of South Ave., Lamont Blair, 53, was charged with drug possession following a traffic stop. According to a police report, officers followed a car into the parking lot of Conroy's Party Shop for several traffic violations. As the officers were approaching the car, Blair, a passenger, stepped out. When officers told him to stop, they say he threw bags of crack cocaine on the ground. Blair told police he dropped money not crack cocaine. 

9:48 p.m. - Market Street, Dino Brown, 32, was charged with improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle and tampering with evidence. According to a police report, officers attempted to pull over a vehicle for having only one headlight when Brown, who was sitting in the passenger seat, tossed a gun out of the window. The driver, later identified as 28-year-old Stacey Rice, was issued a traffic citation and found to have warrants out of Youngstown for driving under suspension. 

Sunday, August 5

4:25 p.m. - 2800 block of Hudson Ave., a man told police that someone pulled a gun on him and ran through several backyards toward Idlewood. He heard gunshots, but he was not struck. 

9 p.m. - 100 block of E. Judson Ave., a woman told police that a man she knows grabbed her by the neck and started choking her after he knocked on her door and she answered. The woman said at one point, she was on the floor as the man continued to choke her. The woman told police the incident happened Sunday night, but she didn't report it until Monday. 

Monday, August 6

12:28 a.m. - 1000 block of Cordova Ave., Naquan Traylor, 24, was charged with domestic violence. According to a police report, a woman told police that Traylor slapped her across the face, pulled her hair and slammed her to the ground. She said he also grabbed her phone as she was calling 911 and smashed it on the floor. As police were talking to the victim, they said they could hear Traylor inside smashing items in the apartment, the report stated. Traylor came out of the apartment and was arrested. 

Tuesday, August 7

2:59 a.m. - 200 block of Mumford Dr., police say 29-year-old Larry Burgess was shot and taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition on Tuesday afternoon. Police are looking for a suspect, Jerry Womack, who they said shot Burgess.   

12:12 p.m. - 400 block of Fairgreen Ave., a woman told police that a man she knows punched her in the head several times and choked her until she passed out. The woman said she complained about her injuries for several hours before the man took her to the hospital. 

3:50 p.m. - 800 block of S. Belle Vista Ave., Charleston Gaitor, 23, was charged with assault. Officers were called to the area on reports of a fight. When they arrived, they found a 48-year-old woman bleeding from her mouth and a man, later identified as Gaiter, standing on the lawn with cuts to his hands. According to a police report, Gaitor and a woman at the house got into a fight over Gaitor not helping to fix a door at the house that was broken by a friend. During the fight, police say Gaitor punched the woman in the mouth, smashed two cell phones and a laptop computer. He then grabbed a hammer, went outside and broke out the windows of a car, the report stated.

5:02 p.m. - 3700 block of Elbertus Ave., a woman told police that a family member impersonated her mother when they instructed the social security office to have the elderly woman's social security checks sent to another address. 

5:21 p.m. - 1400 block of Willow Dr., a woman said a man, with whom she shares three children, punched a hole in the wall of her home and left. The woman said as the man was leaving, he told her, "I should shoot you for calling the police on me."

5:49 p.m. - Oak Street, George Pfender, 37, was charged with drug possession following a traffic stop. According to a police report, officers found suspected heroin inside of a folded-up piece of paper in the car. 

9:10 p.m. - 2200 block of Kimmel St., a man told police that someone broke into his house. Police found a damaged screen, milk crates stacked by a window and fingerprints on a wall. The home looked as if someone was rummaging through things, but nothing was taken. The man said someone also rummaged through his Mercedes. 

Wednesday, August 8

11:09 a.m. - 2500 block of Mahoning Ave., a man told police that as he was walking to his job at Burger King, an unknown man walked up to him and punched him several times in the mouth. The victim had cuts on his lips. 

7:49 p.m. - Labelle Avenue, Timothy Redman, 34, and Shannon Counts, 46, were charged with criminal trespass. According to a police report, officers were called to the house on reports of someone "squatting" there. When officers arrived, the front door was standing open and they reported finding Redman and Counts having intercourse on a mattress in the living room. Police noted that Redman had been given a warning on August 4 to not enter the house.

Disclaimer: These reports do not represent all calls made to the Youngstown Police Department. This public information was provided in reports from the Youngstown Police Department. Items reflect charges filed, not convictions. 

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