Warren crime activity: Woman reports she was held against her will for 2 days


Tuesday, March 26

3:03 p.m. – 700 block of Homewood Ave. SE, Billy Lyons, 19, arrested and charged with resisting arrest, menacing and disorderly conduct. When responding to a report of four-wheelers driving recklessly on the road, police said Lyons started yelling profanities at them. They said he continued acting that way, and neighbors started coming out of their houses to see what was going on. Lyons told officers they better watch out because his uncle has a CCW and it’s private property, police said. While arresting him, police said he pulled away and tried to kick an officer in the leg.

3:23 p.m. – 2900 block of Clearwater St. NW, Ashley Chaney, 29, arrested on a warrant and charged with resisting arrest and domestic violence. Police responded to a fight between Chaney and her girlfriend. Chaney refused to let the officer or her girlfriend in the house, and they were only able to open the door a crack, according to a police report. The officer said Chaney threw a punch through the crack, trying to hit them.

Wednesday, March 27

2:56 p.m. – 1900 block of Stewart Dr. NW, Jessica Appleberry, 26, arrested and charged with felonious assault; Asa Jones, 28, arrested and charged with domestic violence. Police responded to a fight between several people. They said Jones tried to throw a woman to the ground, and Appleberry hit another woman with a car.

11:15 p.m. – 800 block of Tulip Ct. SW, a 33-year-old man said an unknown man started following him as he was walking. The victim told police that he tried to run and said, “I don’t have anything,” but the man followed him and told him to empty his bag. The victim said two more men started to chase him and tackled him to the ground, beating him. They took his bag, according to the police report.

Thursday, March 28

1:52 p.m. – 400 block of Mahoning Ave. NW, a woman reported that a man approached her 11-year-old daughter at the Warren Trumbull County Public Library. She said he got out of a small, silver car and offered the girl smiley stickers. He was extremely persistent, so the girl ran away into the library and told a security guard, according to a police report. 

6:26 p.m. – 200 block of W. Market St., a woman reported being assaulted and kidnapped by a man she knows. She said they were both at a friend’s house and he asked her for a ride to the store and then home. She agreed and said when they got to the parking lot of his apartment building, he invited her up for a drink and she went. Once they got into his apartment, she said his attitude changed and he accused her of owing him money. He kept her there for two days, threatening to beat her every time she got up, according to a police report. She said she was eventually able to run away, even though he fought to keep her from escaping. Police are investigating.

7:09 p.m. – Mahoning Avenue NW and Northwest Boulevard, Harley Tibbs, 38, arrested and charged with failure to comply with a police officer; Leanne Comstock, 37, arrested on a warrant. Officers said they tried to pull over the car Tibbs was driving, but he wouldn’t stop. Police said the chase got up to 79 mph before they stopped following him. They later heard a car matching that description crashed in Champion. When police got there, they said Tibbs was there but Comstock got picked up by another car and left. Officers found her at a house in the 800 block of Utica Ct. NW in Warren.

Disclaimer: These reports don’t represent all calls made to the Warren City Police Department. This public information was provided in reports from the Warren City Police Department. Items reflect charges filed, not convictions.

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