Liberty crime activity: Man rides buggy in Walmart lot, drinks Mike’s Hard Lemonade, police say


Sunday, Feb. 10

4:20 p.m. – 4200 block of Belmont Ave., John Allen Lenart was charged with criminal damaging and disorderly conduct. Officers were called to Motel 6 for a man who was trying to break a window. Police say when they arrived, the man looked like he was trying to fight them. After a search of the man, they say they found a large piece of glass. 

Monday, Feb. 11

11:36 p.m. – 200 Goldie Rd., Kevin Anderson, 45, was charged with open container. Police say they were called to the Walmart parking lot for a man riding on an electric buggy while drinking a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. A caller told police that Anderson was in the buggy, yelling at him. Officers found Anderson, and during a search, they found a half-filled can of Mike’s Hard Lemonade in his pocket. 

Tuesday, Feb. 12

6:36 p.m. – Shannon Road, officers were called to a parking lot where a woman told them her husband rammed into her car. She says she was driving down the street when she saw her husband, she decided to pull into the parking lot and that’s when he hit her car with his. She told police he drove away from the crash.

Disclaimer: These reports don’t represent all calls made to the Liberty Police Department. This public information was provided in reports from the Liberty Police Department. Items reflect charges filed, not convictions.

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