East Liverpool crime activity: Police find crack pipes, suspected heroin in van

Police investigated the following incidents in East Liverpool from Dec. 11-29

Tuesday, Dec. 11

4:23 p.m. - 700 block of Dresden Ave., Nicole Mills, 34, of Pittsburgh, charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. According to a report, police pulled Mills’ van over because she had swerved in and out of lanes several times. When Mills opened the door, she told police she was “really lost” and police noticed she was slurring her speech and had red, glassy eyes, the report states. Police said she tried to hide a burnt, glass crack pipe and a clear plastic bag with small white rocks in it. Police said they found another crack pipe in the van, along with 92 packets of suspected heroin and another drug tool. More charges could come after drug lab test results.

Thursday, Dec. 13

7:14 p.m. - 600 block of St. Clair Ave., Morgan Birbeck, 38, charged with felonious assault. According to a police report, officers responded to the hospital where a man told them Birbeck stabbed him in the chest at Scotty’s Bar. Birbeck told police he and the man were fighting so he stabbed him with a pocket knife in self-defense, the report states.

Friday, Dec. 14

9:56 p.m. - St. Clair Avenue, Joseph Desarro, 25, charged with possession of marijuana. Police stopped the car Desarro was riding in. Police said there was also a small child in the back seat. They found marijuana on Desarro, who admitted to smoking it earlier in the day, the report states.

Saturday, Dec. 15

6:08 p.m. - 600 block of Bradshaw Ave., a Giant Eagle employee reported someone tried to use a fake $100 bill. The person also used their Giant Eagle Advantage Card, so police may be able to track them down, according to a report.

Sunday, Dec. 16

11:08 a.m. - 2100 block of Ohio Ave., a woman reported her Jeep Wrangler had been vandalized. A police report says some of the car’s tires were slashed and there was paint all over the car.

Thursday, Dec. 20

5:38 p.m. - 1500 block of Maine Blvd., reported home invasion. A man told police someone broke into his house and stole a bottle of wine. The homeowner said his bathroom window was shattered and his bedroom drawers had been ransacked. He also told police his shotgun had been moved from one room to another and he saw a bullet hole by his bed.

Friday, Dec. 21

11:10 p.m. - 100 block of W. 6th St., a Tri-State Cab employee reported a couple paid for their ride with a fake $50 bill.

Saturday, Dec. 22

10:07 p.m. - 3200 block of St. Clair Ave., a Smith’s gas station employee reported someone had driven off without paying for $20 worth of gas.

Saturday, Dec. 29

1:35 a.m. - State Route 11, Marcus Beebout, 22, charged with drug paraphernalia. According to a police report, Beebout was pulled over for swerving over road lines. Police found a digital scale with marijuana and white powder residue on it inside of his jacket, the report states. Inside the car, police said they also found a small baggie with white powder residue and a larger baggie with marijuana in it.

Disclaimer: These reports do not represent all calls made to the East Liverpool Police Department. This public information was provided in reports from the East Liverpool Police Department. Items reflect charges filed, not convictions.

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